Saturday, January 24, 2009

Proud Of The Purple...

Congratulations goes out to the hometown team, the Baltimore Ravens, for a very successful season. This was supposed to be a re-building year with a rookie head coach and quarterback. Instead, we were 3 minutes away from going to the SuperBowl. Props to a football team that gives effort week in and week out. The other hometown team needs to take some lessons from the Ravens organization on how to be successful, they obviously have no clue.

Kudos again Baltimore Ravens. Now lock up Ray Ray with that new deal, he needs to retire a Raven!!!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Sooo Evil...

During my down time, came across a pair of Vans I forgot I owned. These are one of my favorites & I really need to wear them more often. Vans x Supreme Sk8 Hi (Evil Empire) Knicks colorway, truly one of the most sought after Vans collaborations.

Special thanx to my homie Brian (Phinsfan) for helping obtain these jewels a while back. I'm still on the lookout for the Black/yellow colorway...size 10 or 10.5

U Already!!!


Sorry about the lag. I've been under the weather lately. Gave me some time to sit home & do nothing. Nothing includes browsing thru some old pics on my computer. I stumbled across these...some favorites of mines from my days of just lurking on NikeTalk.

I don't care how old I get, I luv chicks with Jays. lol

Friday, January 16, 2009

AFC Championship...

For another week, congrats goes out to the Baltimore Ravens. Matt Stover's game winning field goal lifted them over the Tennessee Titans 13-10.

Now on to Pittsburgh, where if you listen to ESPN & the masses, the Ravens shouldn't even show up to play the game. The Steelers are overwhelming favorites with analysist claiming Baltimore's banged up defense will be no match for Willie Parker and the Steelers potent offense.

Well, that's why they play the game. Good luck Ravens.

Hush 2...

Here's another custom job by the homie Hush of Hush Fabrications. These are the Carbon Fiber Half Cabs, done so woulf think Vans produced them. Carbon Fiber were permanently stitched together on the rear of the shoe & contrasted well by a bright orange toe box area.

Pics courtesy of Off The Wall Site

No lie...If these were a Vans Syndicate or Vault release, they would sell like "hot cakes". Good job


The Vans x Usagrow Pack is still on my radar, been there since pics were leaked back in 08'. Usagrow outdid himself on this colaboration. In my opinion these are by far the sickest Half Cabs ever.

Scheduled to drop real stay tuned.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

One Bad Mutha...

***Note to Mr. Piff, I DO THE SPORTS ROUND THIS BITCH!!!***

Ok, I'm going to start this off with a disclaimer. I'm not being an emotional Bitch, because my team (Dallas Cowboys) was eliminated. And NO, I'm not smoking that ooooh weeee. Also you know I don't advocate "dick riding" on any level by any grown man. The following comments that you are about to read are those exclusively made by a man caught up in the moment and any rebroadcast or unauthorized use of my words without the express written consent of the National Football League or Igromo Inc. is prohibited.

What I witnessed on Sunday down in Miami was something my mother always warned me about as a kid. There are certain things that you just don't do, because there are always consequences for your actions. My mother told me not to go outside without my coat and hat on , because I might catch a cold. My mother told me not to eat and then go directly into the pool, because I could get cramps and die. She also told me to make sure I have on clean socks and underwear everyday, because you just never know. All things that to this day I still adhere too. Now I can't remember if my mom told me this or not, but even I know that you don't throw the football against the Ravens ANYWHERE NEAR ED REED, BECAUSE ONLY BAD THINGS CAN HAPPEN!!!!

In case you haven't noticed Reed plays a unique position in the NFL. It's called "Defensive Receiver" and he is the only one qualified to play it. He stands in the middle of the field like a pit bull and dares anyone (that means the football) to come into his yard. He stares down QB'S and baits them into throwing his way. In case you haven't noticed he doesn't break on the ball until it has left the QB's hand. Outside of Peyton Manning no one studies film as much as Reed and it shows because his gambles are now more calculated. He was vulnerable to pump fakes and QB'S who would look off their intended targets. Now he locks in on QB'S and with that organized gang that he plays with (Ravens Defense) bringing the heat he knows actually how long opposing teams have to get rid of the ball. Because of injuries he is no longer playing with reckless abandon and he is the perfect fit for the controlled chaos style that the Ravens play.

I'm not afraid to say this , but I think Ed Reed is best overall Safety I have ever seen in my lifetime and I got to see Ronnie Lott throughout his whole career. His instincts for the ball are second to none and his return skills are amazing. He blocks punts, makes interceptions, applies big hits, and inspires a secondary full of dudes I can't name to play at a high level. Remember an All Pro corner by the name of shit what's his name, Chris something?! Yeah Chris McCallister that's it. Because of Ed Reed's play the Ravens don't even miss McCallister and he is becoming almost as important to the team as Ray Lewis. That's some shit for your ass right there!!! I don't even wear jerseys right now, but I would rock an Ed Reed jersey quick and probably get jocked for it too. Ed Reed is Deon Sanders without the mouth and bright ass pin striped suits playing "defensive receiver". I'm going to ask Mayor Sheila Dixon if we can rename Sunday "Reeday". He inspires his team so much that when he picks off a pass they block and give him better protection than they do for Flacco. Tocaara's double G sized bra doesn't give her the protection that Reed gets.

Cherish these moments Ed Reed fans, because guys like this don't come along too often.



I figured I'd spotlight my OTWS homie Hush (one of the best customizers I've seen in a minute), and some of his recent work. These KCK Air Force Hybrids done by Hush Fabrication are rediculous...combining the upper of Axion's AX-AE skate shoe with the bottom & the toe-box of an air force. The materials look top notch, and the end result is on point.

Pics courtesy of Off The Wall Site...

Stay tuned for more from Hush Fabrications...

U Already!

This is a "must see" for me this Summer. Wolverine is Badass!!! lol

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Titans...We Coming!!!


Baltimore Ravens 27 Miami Dolphins 9!

This team defines "Heart"!

BTW...Ed Reed is a Bad Mofo!!!

Friday, January 2, 2009


January Nike SB Drop....COPPED!!!

Pics courtesy of

CLOT Does It Again...

The recent CLOT’s Air Force 1 design is by far the dopest & most innovative collaboration from Nike’s 1World Air Force 1 campaign. These specific Air Force 1s celebrate China’s Lunar New Year with a red motif synonymous for its representation of happiness, luck and prosperity. The shoes also feature a double layer design with an underneath pattern for those bold enough to want to cut-away the top layer of fabric. The unique “Chinese Candy Box” designed packaging features CLOT imagery on the rear.

Pics courtesy of

Scheduled for a overseas only January release...the campout for this release should be massive.

It's 2009.....

My New Year's Resolution limit the growth of my most expensive habit. And this is an "old" pic.

Nuff Said, Peace!