Friday, February 27, 2009

Revenge Is Coming...

Wow, Fuckin' Awesome!

I Want 1/2...


B'More Heads...Go Get Yours!!!

Boat Shoe Mania...

Vans Chukka Del Barco LX’s is a stellar shoe, as emphasized by the recent Vans x Proper collab. This time around Vans plan to hit you with a second dose from their fall/winter ‘09 Vault line. The Chukka Del Barco LX will be showcased in a blue/red, brown/tan, and a black colorway.

Pics courtesy of

I'm all over the black colorway, and possibly the brown/tan. Vans continues to impress.


Stussy Japan drops a new batch of graphic tees this month. Repping their “Increase the Peace” campaign & other tasteful prints, Stussy continues to show why they are one of the leaders in streetwear fashion.

All tees now available at Stussy Japan.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

More Brains...

Vans have recently released another collaboration with seminal D.C. punk band Bad Brains (this time without Supreme). The pack consist of a Sk8 Hi, Era, & Chukka Boot...all done up nicely to represent the bands classic earlier work.

Check the Sk8 Hi's with graphics straight from their "Banned From D.C." album cover. The detailed draw-out box also represents nicely.

The rest of this pack will be copped eventually. I'm anxiously waiting for the Chukka boot's release. For all you Bad Brains fans, check out your local Vans store & Vans.Com for the drop.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Get Your Hair Did...

Breaking news....

Natural hair styles maintained just right. Lock maintenance, Braids, Corn-Rows, etc...

K.I.I.T.C.'s own "Muff" Ware has you an affordable price.

If your in the Baltimore area, do yourself & your hair a favor...check her out.

For more information, follow the below link...

Hair By Muff

Welcome To Heartbreak...

Here's Kanye West's Welcome To Heartbreak video featuring Kid Cudi. One of my Favorite singles off 808 & Heartbreak, this video is impressive.

KANYE WEST "Welcome To Heartbreak" Directed by Nabil from nabil elderkin on Vimeo.

Str8 Acid trip type shit...


After months of anticipation...The Vans x Usugrow Pack is about to be released. That being said, actual pics of the drop have surfaced detailing the changes made since the sample pics were leaked. I for one am really dissapointed. The Sk8 Hi's remain pretty much the same, but the AV Sk8 Lows & Half Cabs do not feature the artwork seen on the sample pairs. Furthermore the Half Cabs are missing the rear markings & the skull illustrations on the tongue/side of the shoe. They have been replaced by the signature Half Cab logo due to legal obligations with Steve Caballero.

Pics courtesy of Hypebeast

I will most likely still pick up the Half cabs, strictly because I am a fan of Usugrow's work. But I am miffed that they won't resemble the samples which were clearly one of the sickest Half Cabs ever made. Smh...

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Gimme Half?

First of all, let me say with a resounding tone...that in no way, shape, or form do I condone anyone fuckin' with no Nike fusions!

I've been preaching this since day one!

But Got' Dammit...I think I'm gonna' bite the bullet & cop these babies.

Hell...If the man himself is endorsing these shoes, they OK by me.


I've been off the radar for some time now. Had quite a few peeps wondering what the hells goin'z on?

After taking a break to sort out some personals, my mind is back on track. I'm finally focused for 2009. So enough with the un-necessary lag...let's get this blog back to how shit was.

More after the jump? You Already!

Penny It Is...

Here's a few pics of my Penny rotation...a couple yet to be rocked. Oh well...

Orlando 1s, Chi-Town 1s, Orlando 2s, Penny Dopes & Eggplant Dopes. Need some 3s & 4s to complete my collection. Those will come.

BTW, Peep my OG pair of Orlando Penny 1s from 1995...purchased from Footlocker. Store bought not bought online, lil' kiddies.

This shoe brings back memories...

Purple Dopes...

It's a B'More thing...You know how we get's it in.

Eggplant Dope Dealers...Got Em!

Whattup Stacks?

After visiting honorary K.I.I.T.C. member Jonny Stacks the other day, I noticed my homie has a new addiction. His new is kinda' my old...but it's a addiction never the less.


In the span of a couple weeks, Stacks has gotten the itch for shoes that come in "gold" boxes. And if it's Nike Dunk SB Mid, consider it copped. Spidermans, Beijings, Twin Peaks & others not even mentioned....All being scooped up but none being worn.

Asked why he waits so long to un-deadstock a shoe, his reply was "I got stacks, You figure it out."

Btw...You know you got a lot of shoes when you use a yet to be worn pair for a bottle holder. LMAO...


Friday, February 13, 2009

The Lowdown...Random Thoughts

Here's the LowDown...

With all the shit that is going on right now, I felt compelled to give my take on the various situations going on out there and let you know how I feel. You know me, just like "Colombian Coke" it is going to be pure and raw. So I hope you can handle it. This blog is not meant to offend anyone. But if it does, that's your fucking with it.


What the fuck was A-FRAUD thinking when he was taking steroids and getting jacked up like Triple H. If you listened to him yesterday during his sit down with Peter Gammons, you heard him mention the word pressure. He said he felt the pressure of having to live up to the 250 Million Dollar contract he signed and that the smoldering heat was wearing him down. You ever been in Baltimore on Westwood Ave. at 12:00 pm in July? It's so hot, motherfuckers don't want to eat or fuck and everybody just looks mad. That's heat for your ass. As far as pressure, ALEX RODRIGUEZ don't know the meaning of the word. Pressure is when your rent, gas & electric, water bill and car note are due at the same time and you have to decide which one you are going to pay. Pressure is when your job is laying off and you were the last one hired. Pressure is when you are with this bad ass chick for the first time and you don't want to bust that nut in two minutes. You think about Esther Rolle, B. Arthur, the Lakers game, what you did last night, your old ass aunt, you even look out the window if there is one. Then that fine girl looks at you strangely, because you have this dissatisfied look on your face and ask if your ok. You look down at her still thinking about Big Mamma from Soul Food and sweating your ass off, telling her it feels good. A-FRAUD that's pressure! Making guaranteed money is a fucking dream! Guarantee me 250 million and I don't give a fuck what anybody thinks. You couldn't tell me shit. "Romeo, your performance today wasn't real good". Yeah but I got 250 million dollars motherfucker! "Hey babe, the sex wasn't that good. Are you alright?" What?! Bitch I got 250 million dollars. Fuck out my house!

A-Fraud you took the roids, because your ego would not allow you to play second fiddle to anyone. You said you didn't know what you took. I honestly believe you. You knew you were taking performance enhancing drugs, but when Canseco was shooting it in the ass, it could have been anything. I don't do Coke, Meth, Ganja, or Crack, but I know motherfuckers that do. Unless you have a laboratory and a medical degree you don't know what you are smoking or snorting.

My take on performance enhancing drugs is this. If you truly want to get rid of this problem, then lock motherfuckers up or force them to go away and loose their contracts. Fines and suspensions don't do shit and guys even lie to grand juries now. Threaten them with jail time or a lifetime ban and this shit will stop real quick. Make millions playing a kid's game cleanly or shack up with Adabezy and start pole dancing for him and his boys every night! Ask Pete Rose if that lifetime ban was worth his career. That's how you get rid of the steroid problem, because right now the punishment does not fit the crime.

There are very few things in life that brings together people from different races and upbringings like sports does. It's an escape from reality and it allows us to feel apart of something and share our emotions through it. If sports aren't sacred there really isn't anything left that allows you to escape from the daily grinds of every day living. Clean up baseball and change the economic structure and fans like myself may actually return to the sport.

On to a lighter but stranger topic. Kanye West aka Kanye Tuda aka The Louis Vuitton Don now wants to be known as Martin Louis King Jr. He wants to comment on other people's assault charges & stuff like he's perfect. Has this bastard lost his mind?! Hey Kanye, Stop the preaching, modelling and fake ass singing. Gimme my hip-hop back, Bitch!

"Romeo, How do you feel about the Ray Lewis situation?" If it was my money I would have signed Sugar Ray last year when it would have been cheaper. I told my boy Brad Piff that Ray has been the common denominator on the Ravens defense that last 10 years. Coordinators (Marvin Lewis, Jack Del Rio, Mike Nolan) have left. Players (Peter Boulware, Adelius Thomas, Ed Hartwell, Tony Saragusa, Michael McCrary, Rod Woodson,Duane Starks, Jamie Sharper) have left. Yet only one other defense has rivaled the Ravens D over the last ten years, that's Pittsburgh. He is your leader on and off the field and you are questioning if you should pay him or not. Baltimore would you rather have Ray or T.O.? Ed Reed and Terell Suggs are outstanding players, but they are not leaders. Do you want Bart Scott's emotional ass leading your defense. Remember his behavior in the Patriots game a year ago (throwing flags at refs and cursing so bad that Kevin Garnett e-mailed him and told him "Man I got kids, you gotta watch your fucking language Bitch!" Ravens fans want the organization to sign a receiver like Fitzgerald. From where motherfuckers? You not getting no Fitzgerald, but let me ask you this. Why create a hole on your team that was one stupid ass penalty and drive away from the Superbowl? Ozzie make the right decision before you regret it.
Quote of the week: I DON'T PLAY LESS SO I WON'T PLAY FOR LESS. Won't be no hometown discount!

Chris Brown and Rihanna?! Smh. I have heard a lot of talk, but nobody is saying shit. There are rumors of a broken jaw, facial contusions, bite marks and signs of a struggle. A struggle is when you have a hard time doing something. From what I heard, this seems one sided and far from a struggle. Broken jaw?! That's a sign of an ass whipping. I have girls of my own and I don't condone violence towards women at all. That being said, if the reports are true & some have said she gave him a STD, then Chris should be granted one backhand to that bitch's dome. But even then, biting and scratching is chick-like and he deserves an ass whipping for that shit. I guess Chris Brown don't got milk.

Miguel Tejada should have used Sammy Sosa's defense and told congress, "Me know speak English." Sammy conveniently forgot how to speak English and that shit worked. He even forgot his own name. He had to confer with his counsel to remember his fucking name and the team he played for. That was brilliant! After a while they stopped asking him questions. Instead Tejada just lied like he was an American and now they are going to ship his ass back to Cuba in a paddle boat. Morale of the story to all foreign players...Play the language card. When people have to keep repeating themselves, after a while they just stop asking.

I'm out like Jameer Nelson and the Orlando Magic title hopes.