Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Commonwealth vs Shop Gentei Part 2!!!

All those that missed out the first time.....there will be no more excuses for your slackin' procrastinating asses! It's time to partaaay!

The peeps at Commonwealth DC and Shop Gentei are doing it again, this time at the home of "Proper Nights", The Red Maple cafe in Baltimore. And trust, the K.I.I.T.C. Crew will be there.


Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Things That Make You Go...Hmmmmmm...Part2

Here's the lowdown...

1) Kobe demands to be traded, Owner says Hell No! The season starts, Kobe plays and takes his team to the finals, yet he's selfish and a distraction. Brett Favre retires, he changes his mind...he wants to play, he calls his GM a liar and says he was forced to retire. BUT HE IS NOT A DISTRACTION?! HMMMMMM

2) Ken Griffey Jr. and Jermaine Oneal...Is it just me or do they look alike? HMMMMMM

3) Couldn't you guarandamntee that divorce rates would go down and there would be a lot more happy men walking around, If women would do the damn thing and give their man a threesome? HMMMMMM

4) Ever since he exposed one of Janet's bodacious breastisis, has Justin Timberlake found his white roots again? HMMMMMM

5) Did Jesse Jackson get off lightly for his comments about Obama? If that was Don Imus, we would be calling for his head ,his children's head , and their children's head. (TELL JESSE CRACK IS A HELLUVA DRUG) HMMMMMM

6) Is Baltimore LA East? (CRIPS,BLOODS,MS13) It's 100 degrees outside...but your rocking a flannel shirt, dickies, Chuck Taylor's, a bandanna, while bowing down to the WESTSIDE CONNECTION FLAG because you love this way of life?! HMMMMMM

7) A sure sign that the Shoe Game is dead. When is the last time you got out of your bed first thing in the morning to line up with other dudes like yourselves to buy the hot shit? HMMMMMM


9) Is network TV doing so bad that they had to bring back 90210? What's next 21 Jump Street, Who's The Boss, Homeboy's From Outer Space, The XFL, or NEW KIDS ON THE BLOCK? Oh shit...They came back out too?! HMMMMMM

10) Picture these couples...Janet Jackson & Jermaine Dupri, Jay-Z & Beyonce, and Flava Flav & anyone. Am I the only one thinking what the fuck?! HMMMMMM

Friday, August 22, 2008


R.I.P. to Julius J. Carry III (3/12/52 - 8/19/08) who recently passed away from pancreatic cancer. Although he starred in many different roles throughout a stellar career...Carry will always be best remembered as SHO'NUFF, the Shogun from Harlem, the villain from the hit 80s film, Berry Gordy's THE LAST DRAGON.
His lines were soooo classic. Who's the meanest? Who's the prettiest? Who's the baddest mofo, lowdown, around this town? Sho'Nuff!

And I know I wasn't the only one who wanted him to kick Bruce Leroy's pretty ass?! When I say who's the Master...You say, Sho'Nuff!

Julius J. Carry III Sho'Nuff R.I.P. You will be missed.

Neva' Enuff Houndstooth...

Hawaii’s In4mation is showing their creative juices. In4mation, have teamed up with Vans to unleash a new take on the classic Half Cab with the Vans x In4mation denim/houndstooth Half Cab.
The shoe features a denim upper with houndstooth accents as well as classic Vans touches like the original vulcanized waffle outsole. As the shoe is worn during skateboarding, the denim will breaks out to reveal more houndstooth beneath... a hidden layer of fabric...and the look of the shoe will change and evolve the more it is skated. It might even be worth buying two pairs, one to customize into an houndstooth pair...the other to remain denim.

Pics courtesy of Highsnobiety

This In4mation x Vans offering will be released on December, 12th and will be limited to just 500 pairs worldwide, available exclusively through the In4mation store and website.


The final installment of the Stussy x Neighborhood Boneyards collection is set to release this Saturday, August 23rd at Stussy chapters worldwide. This time the featured footwear will be the mid-80s collegiate basketball favorite, the Nike Terminator.

All 3 colorways (Black, Black/white, & Black/Blue) will be don't sleep.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

A Girl Likes Rings...

Kickchick here!

Just when it seems as though Jordan Brand has slowed down with its retro releases, replacing some of your favorite classics with an influx of hybrids & ugly Spizike models. One of these recent hybrid instances has caught my attention. I'm referring to the Jordan "Six Rings" which includes many obvious references to models that Mike wore when he won championships. Such shoes include the XI, XIII, VI and VII.
The first to drop is the Bulls colorway and I am happy to say it was done perfectly. Not only do you the consumer get a shoe that represents Jordan's best accomplishments, but you get it in an OG type colorway that Mike himself would have worn. Damn, I need this shoe. In my opinion, $150 or $95 for kids sizes, well spent. GO COP THIS SHOE.

Here's a special treat, a sneak peak of the next colorway to drop. The Jordan "Six Rings" Concords which is slated for a October 25th release. These will be mines also.

Kickchick out!


All my B'More heads, for all those that don't know...there's a new shop in town.

CHAOS...your one spot for premium men's clothing, shoes & accessories. Featuring streetwear brands Rocksmith and Crook's & Castles as well as sneaker brands Adidas & Supra. They also carry a limited run of Nike SB shoes and products.

So what's the hold up? Do your self a favor and check them out....asap. CHAOS...located at 824 Gulford Ave Baltimore, Md 21202 410-962-2499

Made Me Red...

Adidas recently dropped the first offerings of their AZX Consortium effort...a collaboration with several boutiques worldwide, each representing a letter in the alphabet. The shoe that immediately caught my fancy was the letter A representative ACU (CLOT) designed ZX800.
ACU’s take on the ZX 800 shape works with the shoe’s sleek curves but adds an appropriately Chinese colour blend of a bold red and yellow, plus extra traditional elements via the patterned silky material on the upper that works effectively alongside the suede paneling. Replacing the reflective panels on the forefoot with a unique choice of imagery that depicts the store’s logo, the package is completed by the constant changing images on the shoe's tongue depicting the Adidas trademark as well as the ACU (CLOT) logo. A coordinating patterned drawstring bag is also enclosed in the packaging adding another great touch to an already great shoe. This is a perfect example of sport meeting cultural heritage with added innovation.

BIG PROPS to Proper for holding me down on these...for retail. Unlike that overpriced overstocked mockery of an establishment in DC known as Major. Word to the wise, fellas...keep an update on your inventory. that will prevent cats that ARE trying to support your shop from making unneccessary trips. Not a good business practices to make your customers see red, when all they wanted was a red shoe. That ain't Major...just a Major waste of time. And damn...will you guys get rid of some of your inventory? Customers got to stop, drop, and squat just to get thru the front door. Shit is ridiculous!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

U Can't Be Fuckin' Serious?! Take 1

I can't SMH enough.......


I've always been a sucker for Mitsubishi's Lancer Evo. I think the car just SCREAMS Japanese influence. The Fast & the Furious should have put ya'll D. This car has killer speed & sexy lines, as well as just being a customizer's dream canvas. While surfing one of my favorite forums, I came across pics from the Gunball 3000 Rally. Any car enthusiast could spotlight their polished customized whip from LA to SD. Quite a few dope cars were featured...but there was one that blew me away. SD's own 5andaDIME/FISM customed Evo X.

Additional pics courtesy of &

DAMN...Now that's one sick piece of hardware! Black colorway with gold decals, premium gold wheels, with matching black & gold bike rack?! In my opinion, every penny put into that vehicle was worth it!

Str8 un-adulterated piff!!!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Huf...Your My Heroe!

Huf is re-releasing a collaboration from early 2007 with Vans as part of Vans’ “3 Feet High” program, which involved Huf, Dave’s Quality Meat and Kicks/Hi. The shoe of choice for this collaboration was the Vans Chukka. Huf's version has a black snake-skin upper with a white midsole. There is an Huf logo imprinted on the heel, while the laces feature the phrase “Even snakes are afraid of snakes.” The sneakers also come with alternate lime green laces to match the outsole. "Clean" is the only definition I have for these kicks...a shoe I soooo regretted missing out on during it's original release. But not this time, purchase already made!!!

This re-release is now available at Huf in San Francisco and Los Angeles with their online store also taking orders. Hurry...sizes are moving with haste!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Get Mooned...

Vans Vault is keeping things interesting for the summer...this time with a collab from two of Cali's stalwarts? Vans & car custom kings Mooneyes have teamed up for the "Mooneyes" Pack. Their add something fresh to the classic Slip-ons, Eras and SK8 hi's. The Moon Equipment "EYES" logo are all over these kicks as well as on the special edition boxes that they come in. Premium leather, suede & canvas were used to give each shoe that extra "pop".

The Vans "Mooneyes" Pack should be hitting Vans Vault retailers you might want to give your local skateboardshops a call.

Thursday, August 7, 2008


I know many people out there, myself included, likes to keep their shoes on ice. You buy a shoe that you covet...and you end up not wanting to wear or soil it up. I still have a pair of concord Jordan XIs deadstock from favorite sneaker of all time. Quite a few heads preach that you should wear your sneakers, NOT treat them as a trophy. "Shoes are meant to be worn" is the saying. Still myself, and many others keep certain sneakers far away from the ground its meant to touch.

Then last week...I peeped these pics from a guy on Niketalk who kept his 1999 and 2000 Jordans IVs & Vs deadstock in his closet. Then one day, to his horror, he came home to this.....

Both shoes still deadstock...emphasis on dead.

Granted the owner of these shoes lives in Singapore, but that's a possibility after about 10 years?! The hell with that! I'm wearing everything!!! Vans, Air Forces, Jordans...everything. Cause trust me, 10 years from now...those trophies that you sneakerheads collect will probably be a little dusty. Hey, don't listen to me...learn the hard way.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008


Kickin' It In The City! 08' is up & running.
Still hosted by Brad Piff & Arcieri Keness...The wait is over. Click & enjoy!

Shout-Out to my homie Jonny Stacks...Keeping shit official. Holla!

Monday, August 4, 2008

It's the Neighties!!!

My local skateboard shop recently received the new release from the Vans Vault campaign. Celebrating some of the most popular times in skateboarding (the 80’s and 90’s) hence the Neighties name, the pack continues the companies aimed towards a nostalgic market while capturing the essence of the sport’s history. Three Half Cab LX models were used all featuring suede/leather with a 1966 VANS print along the midsole and panels coming in a colorful print or just black for the more reserved myself.

Time to give my peeps a phone call.
Have you ever found yourself waiting for something to happen for a long period of time? And looking foolish in the process...

Well...The wait is almost over!
Featuring Brad Piff & Arcieri Keness...COMING REAL SOOON!

Kickin' It In The City! 08'
Kickin' It In The City! 08'
Kickin' It In The City! 08'
Kickin' It In The City! 08'


One of the highlights of the 100th Anniversary from Converse is coming to the U.S. with the much anticipated Leather Jacket Chuck Taylor releasing August 1st at select locations. Based on vintage motorcycle jackets, the upper is a construction of patchworks with black anodized zippers and waxed laces. The price tag for this shoe has hit close to $400 USD in Japan. Rumored to be limited to 160 pairs might need some luck securing your pair.

Having said this...It feels good to have friends in high places. Good lookin' Adrian & my peeps at Commonwealth.

I just can't stop smilin'...these babies are BEAUTIFUL!!!