Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Puma x Yo! MTV ...part 3

The 3rd times a charm!!! Puma has recently unveiled the Puma x YO! MTV First Round. To all those needing a late pass...this is the 3rd such colab with Puma and YO! MTV. The first two having spawned the hyperstrike Clydes from two years ago...and this past summer Clyde & Suede releases that featured classic m.c.'s Big Daddy Kane, Dougie Fresh, Mc Shan etc...and the original hosts of the hit show, Dr. Dre and Ed Lover.

This time Puma puts the spotlight on the First Round. (This shoe has been getting a lotta luv, lately!) In typical 80's flash...the shoe is loud, colorful and flamboyant. And for some good news, there will be a more widely released drop them the previous two offerings. A must cop for any fan of high tops...Flat!

So keep your eyes open for these joints. Summer 08' Yes...Puma is keeping shit interesting!!!


Stussy has recently dropped some of it's Spring line. All I can say is...I'm impressed. Stussy's spring line consists of nice cut & sewn shirts, flavorful hoodies, and an assortment of tees that will quench any conniseur's thirst. One of my favorite clothing lines...period, Stussy just keeps on getting better.

If your in the know...hit up the usual spots, or check out the newly opened Stussy DC chapter.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Nike Bug Pack...

My crew at Shop/Gentei...Baltimore's world reknown sneaker boutique, has just recieved the Nike Bug Pack. Consisting of the Nike air max 87 & Nike safari, I can truthfully say this pack is interesting. Not so sure if it's interesting in a good or bad way. I dispise non mesh air maxes...flat! And the colorway on this air max just doesn't gel in a good way to me. But the safari's neon colorway does pop! I think it's a shoe that would look decent if hooked up properly.

Regardless if you agree with me or not...Shop/Gentei is the spot to check for. Gentei carries a signature selection of goods, many of which are stateside exclusives direct from Tokyo: and currently offer a Nike indie energy account along with a Vans syndicate account. If your looking for the latest in street wear, Gentei has that also. (Stussy, Flying Coffin, MHI, Maiden Noir etc...)

With a genuinely cool vibe...(Whattup Oliver, Hip-hop Dan, and Yung?)...and a good amount of their stock currently on sale, It's doubtful you'll leave the store empty handed. So what are you waiting for...

Friday, February 22, 2008

Puma x The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air...

Spotted these recently. And all I can say is...DAAAAMN!!!
Puma x the Fresh Prince of Bel Air Clydes and First Rounds...Based on the 90's series of the same name. The Clydes (Bel Air) and The First Rounds (West Philly) are simply put...amazing. Check the details on both shoes as they come with matching storage bags and watch. With a tentative summer 08 release, Puma will definitely be getting my money.

Call me Will Smith...Flat!!!

What is Piff?!

NOTE - This is not a fashion blueprint. Please continue to dress like ya' been dressin...Flat!!!

Piff. Like I've stated before, it's not a lifestyle...it's a way of life. A state of mind. I'm always stressing that I like to go to the left...away from what's typical in fashion. If something is too widespread...I avoid it like the plague. That's just me. Nowadays that's hard even thou I reside in Baltimore. Cats in the streets eye down styles better than the corner boys lookin' out for the cops. And when something works for you...that's when the clones are born. "Yo son, Where you get those?" "Pick me up something when you go to your spot...I got money!"

That song that came out recently..."I'ma do me" sounds sooo hypocritycal when everbody including that same artist...is trying to so called "rock-star" it out. But tell them to name 5 rock bands and they would look at you as if your speaking belgium. Jim Jones ain't no rockstar people, he's just imitating. Call him trend setter? Fuckoutta' here!!! But by all means...continue to dress like him. Corner boys...continue to cop all the Aeropostale and Hollister you can get your hands on. Throw on that Ed Hardy you just picked up out the trunk of your homeboy's car. And when your finished, you too can look like your enroute to a Dipset video shoot.

But be advised...when your style looks forced...it shows, plain as day. Who else thinks that Birdman Baby looks a damn mess trying to Axl Rose it up in those wack ass videos? Stick to your Reeboks and white tees Bryan, it was way more believable.

Yes...What is piff?! Smh...


Another video that I enjoyed a couple years back. Kenna, whose debut album "New Sacred Cow" (produced by Chad Hugo of the Neptunes) shows that as an artist, you can stay true to yourself...and still make a damn good album. I also thoroughly enjoyed the single "Hellbent". Anyways...enjoy the vid to "Freetime". A helluva way to fuck up a perfectly crisp pair of Chucks, ya'heard me.

Commenwealth x DC shoes Great Gatsby...

Yes...The Great Gatsby shoe has dropped. The colab is hot!!! The release party was hot!!! Now go cop the shoe. Available at Commenwealth's d.c. location. The black version are str8 piff!!! Need more convincing...peep the video as Omar (co-owner of Commenwealth) drops knowledge about the inspiration for the shoe's design.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Even A Man Can Do This...DVD

Even A Man Can Do This Promo

My girl Civil Jones put together this dvd...showcasing female mc's in the B'more area. The documentary showcases their sacrafices (U gotta know it's harder for females to break into this venue)...and their thoughts on the issues facing black woman in the industry. You also get to see Civil put together her 2nd annual all female hip-hop show. These ladies can "spit"!!!

I loved the dvd. My only problem isn't with the girls and their goals. It's with the local powers that be, which to call a spade a spade, neglect local talent. The one prominent local station (92Q) is really capital based. And they only appease the people that spends that money...Major labels!!! You will hear Jay-Z, Lil' Wayne, and any act from down south that's signed to a major label getting air time everyday all day...cause they're the ones that pay for the spins, plain and simple. But you won't hear shit from the local talent being played. Check it...Bossman is a hot mc, and he can't afford to please those deep pockets of 92Q either. And until somebody with money comes along to force change, or create another venue for these artist to showcase their talent...shit will remain how it is. Local talent, no matter how good, will either be forced to go elsewhere to gain recognition...or stay here and risk not blowing up!!!

A change must be forced Tash. Real Talk!!!

Movie Review...The Eye

Jessica Alba, Jessica Alba, Jessica....let me stop. (heart pounding) There are few chicks in Hollywood that I would go crazy over. Mrs Alba is definitely one. Known for her fine looks and petite but curvy assets...Jessica Alba has made big strides since her Dark Angel days. Having starred in box office hits like Fantastic Four 1 & 2, Sin City, and Into The Blue etc...She takes the lead in The Eye, a remake of a japanese horror movie of the same name. (Remember The Ring & The Grudge?)

Jessica Alba is Sydney Wells, an accomplished violinist, and the star of her Los Angeles based orchestra. The fact that Sydney is "blind" does not stop her from being rather succesful. Note - She has been blind since a childhood accident involving her older sister Helen (Parker Posey). Yearning for see, Sidney undergoes a double corneal transplant which slowly restores her sight. Good news...yes. Well the bad news is that along with her newfound sight, Sidney starts to see things that no one else sees. Haughting images of people who are either
dead or about to die. And this happens around the clock, even in her sleep. Can we say...TAKE THESE FUCKING EYES BACK!!!

She immediately tells her unbelieving neural therapist, Dr. Paul Faulkner (Alessandro Nivola) that she is seeing terrifying images...but this is just passed off as her imagination. She finally realizes that her eyes previous owner may have had the same problems. (Wait till she looks in the mirror...thriller alert!!!) And that finding out the identity of her eye's donar may be the key to restoring her sanity.

Packed full of dark and intense special effects that have become common in these japenese to american horrow imports...The Eye is a good view. My only problem is that while the barrage of frightening scenes are sudden and quite good...no part of the movie is mind blowing as let's say...the final death scene in The Ring. And the movie's ending, while good, could have been better. Not the best of this genre type...but not the worst either.

Jessica Alba in The EYE. Rating = Kush aka good piff!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

N.E.R.D. - Maybe

I was surfing youtube today...and came across one of my favorite videos. Damn, I love this song. Pharrell, Chad, and Shay...at their best. Shout out to QuestLove. Also, the lil' brown skinned honey is mad flii too. Check it!!!

Christian Hosoi....Vans x Hosoi 2

Christian Rosha Hosoi (born October 5, 1967) is an American professional skateboarder. He was also known by the nicknames "Christ" and "Holmes". Hosoi, along with Tony Hawk, were the most popular skateboarders for the better part of the 1980's.

Hosoi started skating at six years old with veterans such as Shogo Kubo, Tony Alva, Stacy Peralta, and Jay Adams as models. For a time in the late '70's he attended Play Mountain Place alternative school in Culver City, CA. His father, Ivan "Pops" Hosoi became the manager of the Marina Del Ray Skatepark, and Christian quit school and spent his time at the skatepark where he quickly developed his skateboarding talent. In 1979 Hosoi was sponsored by Powell Peralta. He left a year later when Powell Peralta would not turn him pro, and he joined Dogtown Skateboards which went out of business shortly thereafter. He turned pro at the age of 14 with Sims Skateboards.Hosoi emerged as one of the top competitors of vert riding alongside such pros as Steve Caballero, Mike McGill, Lester Kasai, and Mark "Gator" Rogowski with an eventual rivalry developing with Tony Hawk with contrasting styles in both skateboarding and lifestyles —Hosoi, known for his flair and graceful style, and Hawk raising the bar with his technical ability and difficult tricks. Hosoi invented the Christ Air and Rocket Air, and was renowned for pulling huge aerials; at one point holding the world record.

In 1984 he formed his own company Hosoi Skates, first through Skull Skates, then through NHS/Santa Cruz, and released his signature and iconic Hammerhead model, with the shape inspired by the namesake shark, which proved so popular it was counterfeited. When street skating began to emerge in the mid-to-late 80s, Hosoi proved a threat as well, winning both the vert and street contests at the Lotte Cup contest in Japan in 1989.

Hosoi's skateboard career began to falter as a recession hit the US in the early 1990s, and skateboarding underwent a revolution with street skating becoming the dominant discipline, overshadowing the superstars of the previous decade and ushering in a new generation of pros, with dwindling coverage of vertical riding in magazines and videos. Hosoi faced bankruptcy after financial difficulties with a series of failed skateboard companies; Tuff Sk8s, Sk8 Kultur, Milk Skate Goods, and Focus, in addition to a growing addiction to drugs. Hosoi had been evading the law, with two minor offenses and a warrant for his arrest for failing to appear in court while on bail since 1995. This further pushed Christian into obscurity, as he avoided competitions and demos, including declining an invitation to the first X Games (then the Extreme Games), which was going to be marketed as a renewed rivalry between Hawk and Hosoi. The X Games would prove to be a turning point for Hawk —it revived the interest in vert skateboarding (and skateboarding in general) and he would go on to achieve some of his greatest skateboarding accomplishments as well as international fame and fortune unlike any other point in his career.

Christian was finally captured in January 2000 at the Honolulu airport. He was apprehended while attempting to transport 1½ pounds of crystal methamphetamine from Los Angeles to Hawaii. He was charged with trafficking with the intent to distribute, a federal crime, and Hosoi's third strike. He was sentenced to 5 years. Hosoi was incarcerated at the San Bernadino Central Detention Center. In OPM's music video "Heaven is a Halfpipe", one of the members of the crowd can be seen wearing a T-shirt that reads "Free Christian Hosoi".

Hosoi was back on a skateboard within two weeks of his release, having not stepped on one during his five years in prison. He quickly demonstrated his innate skateboard talent, pulling off big airs with the style and grace he was revered for.

In 2006 Christian launched a new skateboard company, Hosoi Skateboards, which has developed a large range of decks, including a re-issue of the classic 80's Hammerhead shape as well as several modernized updates of this classic, the Hammerhead '06 and '07 versions. Most of the new Hosoi decks feature variations of the 'rising sun' graphic that has become his signature. The company has several team riders including Richard Mulder, Andre Genovesi, Daniel Cardone, Sergi Ventura and Jay Alabamy and several signature decks from these riders.

He has appeared in Stephen Baldwin's Livin' It LA a Christian-themed skateboard DVD. In 2006 he signed with Vans, receiving a pro model shoe, the Hosoi Sk8-Hi featuring the Rising Sun graphic that adorned his debut pro model deck with Sims. A documentary titled Rising Son: The Legend of Christian Hosoi directed by longtime friend Cesario "Block" Monta┼ło was released in limited screenings in August, September, and October 2006, with the DVD released in November.

In February 2008, Vans released the Hosoi 2 Sk8-HI, once again featuring Christian Hosoi's Rising Sun graphic. Look out for these babies, at a skateboard shop near you.

Friday, February 8, 2008

It's Party Time!!!!!

Ya boy Brad Piff was front and center in d.c. last night. The reason...Commenwealth's collaboration with DC shoes, which included the official release of Commenwealth x DC's Great Gatsby shoe. A huge reception party was held at the shop...and you gotta believe it was bananas!
Here it is...photos of the drop...Commenwealth x DC Gasby!!! Peep the materials on these babies. Nice shoe...designed by a nice shop.

The event had an excellent turnout with many of the area's prominent sneaker lovers,(myself included) in attendance. Niketalkers...Jupeezy, Dizzy, Shortypop aka Supreme Slim, Shuman15 to name a few. My fam Rome aka JeromeArz made sure the music was right, along with DJ Roli Rho.

Once the reception concluded...the party moved down to Club Saki, where we did it up till 2am, ya'heard me!

All & all...a wonderful night! Straight Piff!!!

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

The Bug Returns...

Seems like that VANS bug has struck again!!! My main fam Boobie aka Kool Jay recently traveled to d.c. to do some shopping. A newly proclaimed sneakerhead himself, I figured bags of Nike, Adidas, Jordans, or maybe Nike SB would be purchased. What happened amazed even myself. All those popular shoe brands were ignored and bypassed for Vans...yes people, Vans.
Boobie ended up purchasing 5 pairs of Vans that day...consisting of Sk8 hi's and Half Cabs. He also bought his girl (TeeTee) a matching pair of Sk8 hi's. Complimenting each shoe purchase were matching tees from Diamond and DGK.

When asked why he purchased nothing but Vans, Boobie repiled, "Vans are the shit right now." He continued by saying, "That's what I'm feeling, plus you can get a bunch of sick shit for what you pay for one pair of Nikes." The inspired shoehead ended his statement with these words, "I'm on my skateboard shit!!!"

Wow...Stay tuned...I promise to cover as much of this growing epidemic as possible!

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Movie Review...Roscoe Jenkins (sneak peek)...

This evening Muff and I enjoyed the sneak peek of a new movie featuring one of my favorite comedians, Martin Lawrence. Mr. Lawrence is no stranger to good comedies, having starred in box office hits like Badboys 1 & 2. In this movie, he plays Roscoe Jenkins or should I say, R.J. Stevens, megastar talk show host who returns home for his parents 50th anniversary. But coming home is not an easy thing. First, he's engaged to a model of a wife (Joy Bryant) who may have her own motives. Second, his family showed him tough love when he was a child. He'll find out that being a succesful adult, doesn't change anything. Last but not least, his first crush has returned to his life (Nicole Ari Parker) along with his child hood nemesis of a cousin (Cedric the Entertainer). Roscoe sets out to prove to his family that he's no longer the wimpy kid that always got picked on. That he is a star!!! But will this new attitude of his backfire and end up costing him what he needs the most...his family?
With an all-star cast that includes Monique, James Earl Jones, Micheal Clark Duncan and Mike Epps (who seems to be Day-Day in every movie he plays in)...the laughter keeps on coming. My favorite moments without spoiling the movie are Martin vs Monique...ASS WHOOPIN' and the obstacle course race in which Martin and Cedric lose their minds trying to win the damn thing.

Welcome Home Roscoe Jenkins...a well rounded comedy with family values done by my man Martin Lawrence. Don't hesitate to take your wife & kids to see this one. You won't be dissapointed...I wasn't.

Welcome Home Roscoe Jenkins. Ratings = Blaze aka great piff!