Saturday, January 30, 2010

FlashBack Vids...

Anybody that know's me personally, know's I love the 80s.

The movies, the TV shows, the style of dress, the swagger (and swagger wasn't even a word back then)...the 80s was known as the decade of excess, filled with over the top styles, big hair & bright colors. Hip-hop was born. Micheal Jordan was a star & the Showtime Lakers ran thru the NBA. Bill Cosby became a legend. Crockett & Tubbs were watched every week. Jason Vorhees & Freddy Krueger butchered many. I can go on forever reminiscing on my childhood years. But the most relevant thing that stuck with me was the 80s music. Classic groups & bands. Many dope one-hit wonders. I could listen to music from that decade all day, non stop. So i figured, why not post some of my favorite tracks...

This one always gets me smiling, cause It looked like these ladies were just having a blast, plus the groove was funky. Bananarama's Cruel Summer.

More vids to come...

Recent Fits By KickChick!

KickChick here!

And so is the snow! (roll eyes)

I guess It's to be expected, it is January. For a lot of ya'll, the snow means staying in the house & surfing the web. That's cool too but It's Saturday. I got a couple of errands that need tending to. Time to slip on the Polo Boots & tackle mother nature head on.

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The Next Big Thing?

Apple's upcoming iPad...

I'm expecting line-ups similiar to the initial release of the Sony Playstation 3. What do you think?

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Oh yeah?!

EDC teases us with this preview of their collaboration between CLOT, Kazuki Kuraishi, and adidas Originals on a pair of Superstars. Dubbed “KzkLOT”, I'm anxiously awaiting more pics of the final product.

Knowing Edison Chen, Adidas might have a winner on it's hands. Stay tuned for more info & possibly a global drop....

Timeless Steez...

Rayban recently previewed their Spring line of sunglasses. What immediately caught my attention was the iconic Wayfarer & Clubmaster. Rayban's shades have been emphasizing "cool" for years. And these will surely be a hit for anyone wanting a timeless look.

I shouldn't have to tell anyone that the Black/Clear Wayfarer is an INSTANT COP.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Maybe It's Me...

...But I don't see what all the fuss is about. All these sneaker purist are up in arms over the recent Air Jordan 6 Varsity Red release.

Oh no, they used suede...Oh no, It's not infared...Oh no, There's no Nike Air on the back.

Get a damn life!!!

In my opinion, this shoe is awesome. I'm diggin' the suede materials much more than the paper-thin nubuck Jordan Brand has been using of late. Them joints crease like nobody's business. And I could of sworn MJ played for the Chicago Bulls...meaning Varsity Red would have matched their gear better than infared. Don't get me wrong, infared is still a hot colorway, but it was probably just used during the OG release because bright colors were in around that time period.

For all you nubuck lovers, here's a pic of the Varsity Red 6s alongside my Aqua 8s. Yes, the Aquas are made out of the nubuck you hold so dear. But I swear the Varsity Red 6s still look amazing to me regardless of it's different materials.

A dope a dope shoe.

Sub-par It isn't...

Hong Kong-based streetwear label Subcrew recently released a dope Stadium Jacket to kick off their Sub diffusion line of apparel. The Sub line will feature higher-quality materials & construction as well as a more minimalistic look with muted colors.

Be on the lookout for Subcrew's future offerings, cause these babies went with the quickness. I've been a fan of Edisen Chen's Junior line for a minute now...& I must say "Damn, Them jackets are hot!"

Puff, Puff, Pass...

Kid Cudi presents "Cudderisback"

KiD CuDi "cudderisback" - Directed by Jason Goldwatch - from DP on Vimeo.

Dope & funny. Plus he has trees for days!!!

Friday, January 22, 2010

Recent Fits By KickChick.

KickChick here!

I'd like to start by saying that I'm really not a fan of Lebron James. I don't like Cleveland. Matter fact I'm a Lakers fan for real. Still, The Nike Lebron 7s are by far the best Lebron James shoe to date. The materials could be better, but they are so light & confortable it's amazing. So I figured why not cop a few pairs. Plus the Red Carpet LB7s look incredible on foot. If only they wouldn't crease as much, but F' it, I didn't buy these to keep so I'll wear them hard.

But these SpaceJams I'll keep on ice for a little bit. At least till after all those cornballs at my school finish wearing them to death. They could at least compliment them with a nice fit. lol

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Ms. On Deck...

Check out this vid for the upcoming Hellz x Vans collaboration. That's right, the ladies are making moves.

Hellz X Vans from HELLZ on Vimeo.

I'm really feeling those Hi-Tops. Hey Wu...Get your paper ready, girl!

Can't Keep Running Awaaaaaaay....

For years I strayed away from runners aka jogging sneaks. Even after my hometown, out of nowhere, developed the luv for New Balance runners in all flavors...I still refused to succumb to the trend.

992, 993, 1500, & the almighty 498 rule Charm City with a "made in the USA" stamp. But I wasn't going to fall victim to the urge....No, No, No.

But recently I picked up a pair of NBs, "The Finals" 1500s designed by European boutique Solebox. And after my ace Shnookie K copped me a pair of those dreaded 498s, I think I'm hooked. I knew them things were affordable ($80 retail) cause err'body & there momma wears them down here, but I never knew the shoe was so comfortable. Damn...that B'More swag done got me hooked.

Those Beef & Broccoli 498s are next up for purchase. Don't tell me I need them in flavors now?!

They Coming....

For all those not in the know....Lately Nike has developed the habit of re-releasing recent retros. Just use the Nike Air Bakins and Air Force Max for examples. Anyways, the word is this March will mark the re-release of the "Eggplant" Foamposite Ones. That's cool for those that want to pair is pretty near DS. The news I'm excited about is the September re-release of these....

The "Pearl" Foamposite Pros, a 2009 HOH exclusive release, will be hitting Tier One urban accounts later on this year. Let's just say....$200 well spent. Now...bring on those Coppers already.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Go Ravens!!!

Ray-Ray, Lil' Ray, Willis & the Boys did there thing today.

Ravens 33 Patriots 14
The hometeam whupped that ass!
Next up...That team from Indianapolis. It won't be easy, but nothing good comes that way.

Friday, January 8, 2010


It's ya boy Tigga Tigga here with...The Fake Report.

This just in........

The bootleg makers are churning out lots of winners. Thanks to one of my undercover "Fake Spotters", these pics show some shoes on display at B'More's re-known Patapsco Market. Nike Air max 180s, Air Force 1s, Jordan/Air Force 1 fusions, Jordan 6 Rings, and Nike Foamposite Ones Not Copper but Gold, all stocked & ready for purchase.

This is Baltimore, so I cannot wait to see someone flossing in those Gold Foams. The supporting of terrorism will never cease. LMAO

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Recent Fits By KickChick.

KickChick here!

First of all, I hope everybody had a blessed New Year. The weather around here has not been too gracious. It's been cold as ice cubes lately. But one has to know how to keep themselves nice and warm during these winter days. Well for starters, how's about throwing on some heat on your feet.

Both of these babies were purchased recently and rocked immediately. Nike Air Bakin retro and Air Jordan 12 retros Flu Games.

If your gonna be cold, as least look good while your freezing. lol
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Wednesday, January 6, 2010


I recently got re-acquainted with my long lost best friend, Lavora aka Smiley Face. For about 6 years I missed tripping out with her. Her zany personality keeps a brother in good spirits. Oh, she's also very photogenic....& I luv how much her hair has freakin' grown.

My BFFL is back. Oh, also Shout outs to Toya aka KickChick for persuading me to purchase these Nike Air Bakins, finally. I got tired of lookin' at her pics...St8 Stuntin'