Saturday, June 28, 2008


Whattup? It's the one & only KickChick, and I'm hear to break down my recent purchase, The Air Jordan Countdown Pack 7/16.

Here's my opinion on the 16's. What can I say, talk about a shoe that's been long overdue. This shoe is fuckin' amazing, like everything about it is just perfect. I feel that nobody can say anything bad about it, PERIOD!!! The shoe was retroed exactly like it was in 2001 when it first released. Check the pics.

People wanna complain about the red on the midsole, talking about the shade is off. ARE YOU SERIOUS?! Ya'll want the shoe to look so much like an OG, you complain about anything! How can you complain about a near perfect shoe. Look at the bottom, it's so crazy. The design is like printed into the bottom of the shoe...PERFECT! And lastly, a lot of cats think the gaiter takes away from the overall appearance of the 16's. I say no! The ones that complain about the gaiter are people with fat feet that can't get it on. Do some exercise or something!!! If you can wear the gaiter, flip it on & off.

Let's talk about the Hare 7's.
First the tongues, What is amazing is the fact that they don't match. Each shoe has a different color scheme on the tongue. The two different tongues set the shoe off. The sole is also crazy, the jumpman is purple. I'm loving the number 23 on the heel which is also purple. Talk about my favorite color, OH MY GOD!!! The combination of leather & suede is nice, but be particular about the suede cause if you spill anything on it, it's a wrap. And trust me NIKETALK, nobody wants or likes a dirty ass shoe.

So to conclude, this is by far the best countdown package released this year. Bred 4 & cement 3 countdowns are next for me. *** NOTE *** What would it be if I don't get the 4/19 package as a gift, when it drops on my birthday?! 7/19/08

Friends & family, MAKE IT HAPPEN!!!

Thursday, June 26, 2008


Evidently...I'm not the only one that thinks Memphis's freshman phenom Derrick Rose is the truth. It's all but a done deal that he will be drafted # 1 by the Chicago Bulls (his hometown team) during this year's NBA draft.
Peep the illustrations done by Adidas & Undercrown. I'm not going to hate on these brands...but something tells me Mr. Rose will be wearing the almighty swoosh this Fall.

I'm no Bulls fan...but the sky is the limit for this kid, as long as he stays away from those damn Gummi Bears. lol

Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Last weekend's Go Skate Day presented by Palace 5ive & Redbull was a huge success. Hundreds of local skateboarders attended and 14th street was practically shut down for a few minutes. The event went on as planned without any incident or injuries. If you liked free bar-b-que, free RedBull, good music, along with all the kick-flips you could desire, you were in attendance. Also DGK's own Stevie Williams was in the flesh...signing autographs for a mob of his fans. Check out the pics...

Tuesday, June 24, 2008


During Shop Gentei's the midst of me getting my buzz on, I witnessed a B'More based female dance crew. These 3 girls were holding it down on the dance floor for over an hour, performing various moves reminiscent to breakdancing. And one of them did all this with a recently broken about luv for your craft. Afterwards, I briefly kicked it with the members of the "FUNKY DANCE JUNKIES"...and I learned that even thou they're young in ages (21-23)...this is not some fly by night thing for them. "Our crew has been doing this for some time", stated group member Bgirl Bliss who also DJ's in her spare time. And their skills shows it.

Check the pics...I haven't seen moves like this performed by females since Step Up 2 The Streets...Which was also shot in Baltimore.

Big-Ups to the Funky Dance Junkies...Keep doin' what you do!!!


On 6/20/08, Shop Gentei in partnership with Red-Bull held it's version of Mini-Mania at Club Sonar. Your boy was in attendence...and let me say, it was a "RAD" night. Props once again to Shop Gentei for doing big things in the local area.

Josiah supporting the local scene...K.I.I.T.C. Crew

Greg (Owner of Elite Boardshop & Palace 5ive) showing support...
SKATE TIME!!!!!!!!

Hip-Hop Dan...On the wheels of steel...

Gotta luv...Female on female relations...

Like I said...Shit was off the chain!!!!