Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Prince said it best in one of his classic tunes... CONTROVERSY.
And since when does controversy not sell?

Eryka Badu has set the bar really high with the video for her new single...Window Seat. Kanye West couldn't top this...& I hope he doesn't try.

Did you get that not too subliminal message?

New Pick Ups....

Nike Air CB34...Pheonix Suns colorway. 3M included...

I can't help it...I'ma sucka for purple. Plus I buy what I mutha fuckin' like. lol

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

In Plain Sight...

Check out these random pics of what I call "Street Art" on display at a downtown Baltimore parking district just walking distance away from Club Sonar.

I used to work in this area & frequent this lot on a regular. But I never noticed when these portraits were done. smh...
Regardless, this stuff is really good & definitely worth the praise.

Kudo's to all the local artist that took the time & effort to create these pieces.

Friday, March 19, 2010

When It's Hot...It's Bakin...

Recent hook up...

Nike Air Bakin Royal/Black...

OG Colorways on deck...

Feels like the 90s all over again...


B'More's own Keys disses Nikki Minaj...

Fuck is wrong with these bitches?! It's Bodymore, Bitch! We in here!

I think she got her point across...lmao

Thursday, March 18, 2010

If I Shine...U Shine

Don't you just luv when you stumble across an old CD you thought you lost?

Well, I recently found my copy of Smif & Wessun aka the Cocoa Brovaz 2nd release, Rude Awakening. I immediately skipped to track 7 & listened to this lone song for the next half hour straight.

This is by far my favorite Hip Hop track of all time....
The Cash.

The beat is just hypnotizing. Mad props to Tek & Steel.
Damn, Do I miss real Hip Hop....

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Recent Fits By KickChick

KickChick Here!

Finally, Winter is over and Spring is upon us! And it's a good thing too. Do I have a whole lotta' kicks to undeadstock? What's my name, Bitches?

For this week I broke out my Black/Purple Jordan 12s, one of the 3 colorways of retro 12s I picked up these past months. I also wore some OG Black/Royal Jordan 17s my homeboy hooked me up with. Sorry, I can't share the connects. lol
I also picked up some Black/Pink Lebrons 7s. And I better not see any fellas trying to pull these off. You'll get the stoneface from me.

Until next time, follow me on twitter at DC_KICKCHICK