Sunday, April 26, 2009

That's Arcieri... my homie Arcieri Keness.

Enter the mind of Arcieri Keness (pronounced Are-See-Air-Ree Kah-Ness) that
believes in the days when lyricism and showmanship toppled street credibility
and gross exaggeration. Godspeed is proof that diversity is more than just a
concept thrown around amongst backpacking circles. As the fear of being one’s
self haunts many, Godspeed takes the image of a poet and with the flick of a
lighter’s flame watches it reduce to ash. Welcome to change.

Now available at Barnes & Noble & Amazon. Do yourself a favor & cop now!!!


Vans Japan has released a premium pack of goatskin Sk8 Hi’s. Featuring nice quality leathers which includes the logo tags on the tongue, the pack comes in three tonal colors (brown, blue, & red). Goatskin & Vans? What a interesting combination.

Pics courtesy of ABC-Mart.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Damn You Hiroshi...

Can U.S. consumers get some luv from you?!

Must all of your quality Fragment releases be Asia only?!


Here's some pics of the Fragment Design x Nike Sportswear Air Footscape HF TZ sneaker released in two-toned colorways, Black/White & Red/White. These Air Footscape HF TZ features nice subtle colorways and include a small fragment logo embroidered on the heel.

One word needed to describe these...Straightpiffery! lol

Pics courtesy of NOS.

But most likely, they will also be an overseas only release. This is getting repetitious. (sigh)



Once again Supreme has collaborated with Nike, this time on a shoe that has seen very little fanfare in recent years. Supreme x Nike SB Bruin are set to release in the month of April. Featuring an all suede upper, the shoe is highlighted by the Nike Swoosh which is accented in metallic materials. Last but not least the leather on the heel has the slogan "World Famous" embossed on each shoe. Available in Supreme NY and LA on April 16th these shoes feature a rare US online release starting on April 20th. I guess we can thank the recession, cause Supreme never drops Nike collaborated footwear online.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Recession isn't worldwide...

Here's some pics from the recent Levi’s collaboration effort with CLOT & fashion designer Kazuki Kuraishi. For the CLOT x Kazuki x Levi’s Platnium kzKLOT 505 Denim release, there was a massive line-up. Yes....they lined up overnight for some jeans?!
I give it up to the folks from Hong Kong. They sure are passionate about their clothing. lol

Pics courtesy of Kevin Poon .

This is what caused all this....Levi's kzKLOT 505s rocked by CLOT's Edison Chen.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Japanese Cartoon...

Punk infused band Japanese Cartoon has released their new video for the track entitled Army. Containing dark military scenes/images, the track itself has stirred up some contraversy due to the main vocalist sounding a lot like Lupe Fiasco. Could this be a side project from Lu or just someone else with a real similiar tone?

Regardless, the video is tuff...

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Take that...Take that...

I didn't think I would ever see this day come.

Diddy & The Lox mingling?! GETOUTTAHERE!!!

Money rules the world, ya' hurd me?

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Yeezy Recap...

Peep the appreciation clips for the Nike Air Yeezy featuring The Air Yeezy "Beyond The Hype" video.

A whole lotta' hysteria. lol

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Can't Tell Me Nuffin'....

Nike Air Yeezy...
This is what all the fussin' & the campin' out is for?!

So Amazin'...So Amazin'...So Amazin'...It's Amazin'

Thursday, April 2, 2009


Good news for all my Dunk Mid luvers...
Stacks, this means you...

Japanese brand Nitraid has recently collaborated with Nike SB on a pair of Nike Dunk Mids. The Nike x Nitraid Dunk Mid SB comes with premium black leathers, silver accents, contrasting red stitching & lining. The shoe is topped off by the use of camouflage along the strap and the heel.

Also peep the Nike SB Movie, produced by Nitraid. Kinda' reminds me of LP's Hybrid Theory.

The shoes are available now at Breaker.