Monday, March 31, 2008



Featuring myself...Brad Piff & Arcieri Keness


Sunday, March 30, 2008


Anybody that knows me personally, knows how I feel abour Reeboks. The brand is one notch away from pondscum as far as my likes. It's always been that way too. Saying this, I took a trip down south to chill with my homie Shuman15. Then the unthinkable happened...

I entered his room and my eyes immediately fixed onto a pair of shoes...sitting on his table. HOLY SHIT...YOU CAN'T BE SERIOUS?!!! My boy had just received a pair of deadstock Reebok x Commenwealth Omni Pumps as a gift. The shoe was originally released a few years back as a collaboration effort...designed solely by the boys at Commenwealth. As I gazed further at this work of art, I asked myself..."Is this a Reebok?" After several minutes of trying to persuade my boy to sell them to me...with no avail, I figured I'd take some pics.

As you can see, an impressive shoe. A simple design with a drop-dead sexy color scheme, that could be pulled of easily with the right fit. Time to get my search game on...and they were my size too. AAARGH!!!

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Jungle Pack...

Not to ignore my favorite sneaker line, here's something for all my Vans heads. (Hey Boobie?!) Vans Vault delivers some heat for the Spring and Summer, dropping a Jungle Pack. The pack features a Chukka, and a set of Authentics. All pairs feature a floral pattern on the side panels and a set of off colored laces. The print on the side of the shoe is a dope touch and the yellow Vans logo on the heel of the shoe is a nice touch too. Only a few pictures have surfaced but these should be hitting Vans Vault dealers soon.

I'm not a fan of Authentics, but you'll probably see me with the Chukkas...real soon.

(pics courtesy of

Undefeated Chucks...

The (PRODUCT) Red concept has been chugging along in full force recently with many big-time team ups seen with Dr. Romanelli and Lupe Fiasco, each effectively making their mark. The time has come for UNDFTD to step up to the plate. Their No Raw Dogs All Star also includes matching t-shirt & Bearbricks. Set to release on April 5th at all UNDFTD USA locations and online in the e-store.

I'm not fond of these as I was the Fragment Design Chucks or the Lupe's (DAMN...THOSE NEED TO BE RELEASED). Undefeated has an habit of sometimes putting too much on a shoe, just overdoin' it in my opinion. But if your one of those cats that needs to own everything "undefeated", go for it! drops on my birthday, anybody interested in sending me a gift...holla!

(pics courtesy of Undefeated )

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

The Site Is Up...

It took a little time, but my website is up & running!


Join me (Mr. Piff), as I give certain insights on myself, my likes and dislikes. I try to explain my fascination with kicks and candidly talk about what inspired it all. Also check the photo gallery to view myself...out and about, doing what I do. And for all my sneaker lovers, peep my shoe gallery which I will constantly update with my new pick-ups.

To all visitors, please leave a comment or two in the guestbook. All comments are appreciated.

PIFFSPLACE.COM Your either up on it...or your off it!

Lupe The Killa.......

Lupe Fiasco does it again!!! This time with the release of the Lupe Fiasco x Converse Chuck Taylors.

Most likely a hype building move by Converse, quality pictures have surfaced of a Lupe Fiasco designed All Star which is allegedly not slated for release. The shiny patent upper was conceived with the (Product) Red humanitarian theme in mind which correlates with the subtle use of red highlights. As mentioned, no release date is expected for these joints.

Here's hoping that Converese wises up and release these joints, at least in a limited run. Only two words needed....THE COOOOOOOOL!!!!

(pics courtesy of Complex magazine)

Monday, March 24, 2008

Stussy D.C. Opening Party...

2008 was a huge year for Stussy as they opened several new Stussy Flagship stores in North America. The new stores which have already opened include Stussy Honolulu, Stussy Las Vegas and Stussy Toronto. The latest and perhaps last Stussy store that's opening this year is the Stussy Washington DC Flagship store. Partnering up with Omar Quiambao who also owns Commonwealth, this new Flagship store will have its opening party on April 3rd with Biz Markie as the special guest DJ.

And you know ya boy Mr. Piff will be in attendance. Let's not miss this one peoples.

Stussy Opening Party
2473 18th Street NW
Washington DC

Skinny Jeans Epidemic...

Having just watched this video on youtube, All I can say is...What the @#$%!!!
This is comedy at it's best.


Enjoy, maybe...

Sunday, March 23, 2008


Happy Easter wishes, from ya boy Mr. Piff...

Nike Air Force One Easter 05'...When Nike did things right!

Friday, March 21, 2008

Fragment Chucks...

Fragment has teamed up with Product Red: The organisation behind the Gap inspi(RED) tees, to create a special edition pair of ‘low cut’ Chuck Taylors. The sneakers were created to continue with awareness, and fight aganist Aids in Africa. They are available in black, white and red hues...the black already having dropped in retailers such as Barneys NYC.

Definitely on my "to get" list....

(pics courtesy of highsnobiety & thisnext)

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Not convinced?

This goes to all non-believers, that are still on the fence about those ATC2s....

When they hit Baltimore...Cats had better clear a path! Copped!!!

(pics courtesy of Niketalk & my homie five30)


Nike released the air tech challenges (Andre Agassi) during the summer of 07', and in my opinion ruined a classic shoe. This year they're set to release the air tech challenges 2, my favorite pair of Agassis.

After tons of complaints were posted by sneakerheads all across the country, it would appear that Nike get's the message. This time Nike has given us an exact retro. Pics of my man Ty (Leaders in Chicago) wearing a sampled pair, has surfaced all over the net. Check the matching Leaders1354 fitted, too. And just in, I'm hearing that the ATC2s have dropped at Proper. I need to hold my size down...asap!

Peep the pics below to understand what the craze is about. Nike seldom does anything right anymore. but when they do......piff, piff!!!

(pics courtesy of proper &

More Vans Vaults...

The upcoming 2008 Fall/Winter collection from Vans' more exclusive Vault collection has me waiting in anticipation. This mini collection focuses on materials such as ostrich and croc skin. Some of the new styles which are also set to debut includes a re-worked Half-Cab and hybrid releases among others.

Pictured below are the stash pocket Sk8 His. I like, I like!!!

(pics courtesy of Fresh Azimiz)

Monday, March 17, 2008

Terrorist Do Coke...

My man Arcieri Kiness just dropped his much overdue mixtape. Baltimore flavor without all that excess bullshit you might hear on the local radio.

Plus it's free!!! Download it now...What ya waiting for?!


copy and paste the link....ENJOY!!



Featuring Brad Piff & Arcieri Keness...


Paul Smith impresses...

I've been waiting for quite a while for this sneaker. Ever since acquiring the Paul Smith "stripes" Chukkas from Vans Vault line, I've been hearing buzzes about a Sk8 Hi also bearing Paul Smith's name. Here is the new Vans SK8-HI LX which is supposedly inspired by the British fashion designer. This sneaker which has a predominately brown colorway has the playful Paul Smith inspired stripe pattern on the inner lining as well as the tag. Earth tone has never looked sooo good.

Vans doing it right, again and again!!!

(Peep the pics...courtesy of FLAUGE)

Friday, March 14, 2008

I Luv Japan...

As part of their spring/summer Heartful collection, Mastermind Japan collaborated with Japan street wear brand "Over the Stripes" on these high tops. Chuck Taylor inspired...I could pull these off with no problem. The Japanese have all the fun....

Now I just need a lil' help snagging a pair or two. Oh well...

(pics courtesy of MashKulture)

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Guess What?


Spring 08'...Stay tuned.......

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

More Fixies...

While browsing my favorite sneaker forum "", I stumbled across pics of these beauties. Vans Sk8 Hi and Mountain Editions (Fixie Editions) recently acquired by the homie Crisone. WOW...just look at the quality. I am sooooo envious. Like I said before...I need a japan connect like asap!!!

Vans...Your doing your U.S. customers wrong.

(pics courtesy of

Sunday, March 9, 2008

The Wire...Comes To An End

I've been sitting here for the last hour and half glued to the TV. My telephone goes unanswered, my daughter get's ignored, nothing else matters!!! I must absorb every second of the final episode of my favorite show, HBO's The Wire. And now that it's over....I'm still just sitting here trying to gather my emotions. I can't believe this it it. No more McNulty, no more Lester, no more Bubbles, no more Lt. Daniels, no more Marlo, no more Omar (eye's tear up), no more Chris & Snoop, no more nothing. DAMN!!!

Residing in west Baltimore, I'm sooo familiar with the ills of my city. But the ills help give Baltimore no city is perfect. The Wire put emphasis on a lot of struggles that inner city youths go thru. It showed drug dealing, drug use and abuse, and the unapologetic violence that exist in the streets. It shined a bright light on politics in Baltimore showing the inner workings, deals, and hustles. Yes...hustle and poli-tricks! The police department and the officers that were featured were either loathed or admired because they were "real", with all their faults. Naw...Miami Vice this shit ain't, just real police work with little rewards. The Wire will always be considered "different" TV. It's one of the few television programs that was so hard edged that either you loved it, or you just couldn't relate.

Trust me when I tell you that all loose ends are tied up. No fairy tale ending...but an ending never the less. (Fuck that Soprano shit!) I won't spoil anything for all those that haven't watched the conclusion yet. I'll just say I was pleased. The bad guys (Marlo and his crew) walked the 3 roads most traveled by their kind. Some of them received time, some of them didn't, and some caught dirt naps. (clapping) But in the end...the game will continue. Both Mike and Dookie's destinies were fullfilled, and I can't say I didn't see both coming. Bubbles showed that change can happen if you really want it (One of the most positive aspects of the season). I love Andre Royo's character. And finally, the emphasis on truth telling and having a clear conscience was made loud and clear all throughout the episode. (McNulty, Was it worth it?)

Well...The Wire has come to an end. All 5 seasons will be remembered as classic, that Baltimore swag (YA"HEARD ME!). But I can't help but think that the story, the message could have endured much longer.

Friday, March 7, 2008

Japanese Exclusives....

While making my usual rounds around town...I happen to stop at my favorite local boutique, Shop/Gentei. After chillin' and chatting it up with a few of my peeps inside, Oliver brought out a couple of japanese exclusive Vans from his stash. At first glance, all I could say was...SHIT! I wish I had a japan connect. I witnessed a pair of Sk8 Hi's in a orange/pink/purple colorway that was fire! I'm upset with myself for not taking a pic to post. Oliver also showed us an Era (Fixie Edition) in a white/black colorway that had a messenger bag leather material on the side. Piff!!!

I never knew (but I should have) that Japan received their own exclusive colorways in Vans that the U.S. would never see. Once again it shows how style and creativity are on another level when it comes to the japanese and their fashion sense. Fuck Bape and the fruity stuff if you want...but as a whole (fashion wise), their fusion of apparel and lifestyle still reigns supreme. One of these days we might begin to catch up.

Anyways...Enjoy the Vans Era (Fixie Edition)

(Pics taken with I-Phone)

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Nike 08' Year of the Dunk?

In 2007...Nike called itself paying homage to the Air Force One by dedicating the entire year to the shoe's 25th anniversary. The anniversary was celebrated with Nike releasing tons of Air Force Ones in wack ass after the next after the next. Save for a few good drops (Bobbito Hi's anyone?), in my opinion it was a disaster!

Now for 2008...Nike plans on doing the same thing to another of it's most popular shoes, the Dunk. This year, Nike is dedicated to showing the history of the Dunk and spotlighting some of it's best colorways. That's the good's the bad. Nike plans to drop hordes of awful colorways (the more multi the better) for everyone to purchase...nasty ass leather tongues and all. They've even given out special ugly colorways to certain cities. (New York, Los Angelos, Chicago etc...) The only good colorways I've spotted so far were the "Be True To Your School" pack, but Nike ruined this also by making it a limited release and giving each shoe an old "distress" look. WHY?!!!!

Oh well, money saved by me. By the way, here are some pics of a few Dunks that I already own. Nice simple but classic colorways...done right! (Mesh tongues on all of them ya'heard me!)

Nike...You figure it out!!!