Saturday, August 29, 2009

DJ AM...

Yesterday marked a sad day in the sneaker community with the passing of one of it's favorites.

R.I.P. to Adam Goldstein aka DJ AM. The man had a sneaker collection like no other. Damn....

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

KickChick's Fits!

KickChick here!

For all my sisters out there that's becoming sneakerheads (You know it's quite a few of you out there now), Make sure your whole fit is on point. Just cause you got some hot sneaks, doesn't mean you should throw on any old wack outfit. Compliment your sneakers. Throw on a nice pair of skinny jeans, but make sure you have the body to pull it off. lol

Fresh tees are always on point. Just know that Hot Topic is not the ONLY spot to buy your tees. And please don't wear a fitted unless you absolutely know you can pull it off. Matter fact ladies, leave the fitteds to the experts.

The kicks, Nike AFJordan 9 fusion Size 4.5 and the fit (National fitted included)

Until next time, follow me on twitter at DC_KICKCHICK

Ghost Faced...

Shoe enthusiast have long been a fan of Clarks Originals’ most iconic models, the all too familiar moccasin styled Wallabee. Admit, it's just a timeless piece of footwear. Now lifestyle shop Concepts have teamed up with Clarks on the first retailer x Clarks Original collaboration ever. The venture features a set of Wallabees, each featuring Italian patent leather & the Concepts logo branded onto the shoe's gum sole. Three colors are available Olive, Navy and my fav Eggplant but word is....retail will be a whopping $200 each.

For those interested, expect a Concepts drop real soon.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


It seems I'm not the only person diggin' Casio G-Shocks these days.

Dope pic, had to post.

For more pics & upcoming release information & general conversation about G-Shocks, follow the link.

Niketalk/Casio G-Shocks thread

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Got Em'

The Nike Air Max CB 94 has been B'More's hood shoe of choice ever since it was first retroed several years ago. Every decent colorway produced is rocked to the fullest down here. Hell, even the un-decent colorways are rocked by some. lol
The OG colorway (Black/White/Pure Purple) worn by Sir Charles in his MVP season was recently re-released & did Nike do an excellent job. After seeing every cat in the city floss their pairs, I finally decided to pick up my my pair. This has always been my favorite model & colorway of the Barkley sneaker line (OG colorway Black Godzillas coming a close 2nd).

Also peep the comparison pics of the Nike Air Max CB 94 retro & The Nike Air Zoom Sharkley in the similiar colorway courtesy of Shnookie K.

I'm back on my Nike steez.....

What The Hell?!

I remember a couple months ago when B'More favorite shoe was released, The Nike Foamposite One Eggplant colorway. My homie Jonny Stacks & myself secured our pairs and also copped pairs for the female members of the K.I.I.T.C. Stacks in particular for his wifey Tee-Tee.

Stopping thru the other day, this is what I was witness to. Tee-Tee's $200 gift. Or should I say $100 because only one shoe could be found.

Yes, the coveted Purple Dopes were just thrown around in a pile of clothes & other stuff. Wow....

I can understand if she isn't a shoe head or a true sneaker conniseur, but $200 is $200. We in a recession. Just off of the strength of that...she should of at least attempted to take care of them. How many $200 sneakers even come in kid's sizes?! Well hopefully by the time this is posted, Stacks would have located the other pair.

My suggestion...EBAY. Somebody out there is still looking for a nds pair of Purple Dopes in a size 6.5 lol

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


This is news that I'm really excited about. Streetwear label Upper Playground is preparing to introduce acclaimed Japanese artist Usugrow to the masses. The vehicle...Shinganist.

Upper Playground is excited to announce a partnership with Japanese artist, Usugrow, in the creation of a new line called Shinganist. Derived from the Japanese word “Shingan,” (meaning mind’s eye), “the line represents those people who create by seeing things in their mind’s eye, and are not bothered or influenced by things around them.” Inspired by underground Japanese lifestyle, Shinganist will feature the art of Usugrow, as well as, guest artists.

Upper Playground and Usugrow view the line as a vehicle to introduce a new generation of Japanese artists to the world. No stranger to designing clothing, Usugrow has been running his own Japanese-based clothing line for the past 12 years. His partnership with Upper Playground in the development of Shinganist is his first clothing line in the U.S.

The launch of the line comes along with the release of the book, Shinganist, and the re-release of Love Hate From JP. Shinganist features Usugrow’s art, as well as the art of Mozyskey, Toshikazu Nozaka, Bene and Jun Kaneko. Love Hate From JP sold out and has been re-printed in time for the Shinganist apparel launch. The second printing features a heavier-weight of paper with a slightly glossy finish that makes the images pop off of the page.

No stranger to Usugrow's work & collaborations...I can't wait to cop some of this stuff. Btw, here's a recent fit...Usugrow tee & Vans x Usugrow Sk8 Hi's.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Hell Yeah It's Good...

Peep the new single from The Clipse...I'm Good featuring Pharrell.

Now that's The Clipse I wanna hear. Neptune track...fuck what ya' huuuurd!!!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Lost For Words...

It's ya boy Tigga Tigga here with...The Fake Report.

This just in...

This pic was sent to me by one of my trained "fake" spotters, and I don't know what to make of it. The shoe in question appears to be a Nike /Jordan 13 Hybrid of a what the fuck. But don't take my word for it, look for yourself.

Last time I checked, few sneakers have been made with both a Nike & a Jordan logo on them. First thing to come to my mind are retro Jordan 1s and the cement P-Rods aka J-Rods. But these things in question resemble a Jordan 13, a 6 Ring & some stuff I can't quite figure out. And judging by that 4X tee that this dude has on, he clearly has no fashion sense. So why not wear some fake ass Nike-Jordans?

He could of just went to Footlocker and bought one of the many Jordan fusion Team shoes that are out. They look like shit too, but at least there real!

Sad, so sad.