Thursday, January 31, 2008

Last Thoughts...

Time to crash for the night. But it's a couple things I can't get off my mind. A couple questions that need to be I sit here, I have no answer.

Did John age 78...really kick ass in this recent movie? And how in the hell did that bullshit of a movie "Meet The Spartans" beat out "Rambo" for #1 in the box office this weekend? I'm clueless ya'heard me....

Movie Review...Meet The Spartans!

Returning to B'more...I make some time for my "twin". Hi, Muff!!! We head to our usual hangout spot (Arundal Mills) to catch a movie. Before this, we do some more shopping. I'm saying we...but it's really more like she's shopping with my money. Oh well. After picking up some items that will keep a smile on her face...and grabbing a bite to eat, we partake in our weekly ritual known as...Movie Watching!!!
This being her week to choose the movie...we engage in the movie that was #1 at the box office this weekend, barely beating out Rambo while grossing 19 million. MEET THE SPARTANS!!!

Meet the Spartans, basically a parody of an excellent film...The 300, tells the tale of a bumbling King Leonidas (Sean Maquire), ruler of Sparta. The proud Spartans are converted into a bunch of unknowingly homosexual warriors who dance around into battle holding hands. These proud Spartan men also greet each other by tongue kissing...but they greet their woman with high five handshakes. What the fuck?! In this embarassment of a movie, King Leonidas leads his 13 warriors into battle to save Sparta from a nasty looking 289 pound slob of a King Xerses (Ken Davitian) who himself commands a huge army of about 15 men and a blue screen. SMH......If that wasn't enough to persuade me into making an early exit, the movie also features slap jobs on American Idol (Simon, Paula, & Randy), Britney Spears (she actually sounds better in this movie), and YOU GOT SERVED...or was it STOMP THE YARD (Method Man...please stick to starring on THE WIRE!!!). Granted, Carmen Electra (Queen Margo) looked rather do-able, that still could not bring me to like anything about this movie. I know all about slap stick humor. Leslie Nielson did it wonderfully with Police Squad (A movie that was actually funny) and the Wayans Brother's Scarie Movie 1 & 2 wasn't bad. But dumb humor isn't's just dumb. I was dumb for going to see this mockery of a movie. And trust will be dumb if you go see it after reading this post!!!

Meet The Spartans. Rating = Skunk aka bad piff!

Venturing Out...

Didn't feel like going to work today...this happens quite often. So what did I end up doing? Hey boss *cough cough* I'm sick! Yeah, don't act like you haven't done the same thing...once or twice this month!!!! Anyways...I ended up in d.c. during this so called sick day. The sun was out, so why not take a lil' trip to help heal myself. While in d.c. I checked out the usual shopping spots. One of my favorites is Palace5ive, a recently opened skateboard shop owned by Greg from Elite Skateboards. Going to Palace 5ive knocks off about a half hour of travel I'm good!!!

While there, you can chat with the peeps if you ask me. And they keep a nice selection of the usual flii kicks. Yes...your Nike SB is there!!! But my new interest is Vans, Vans, and more Vans. After checking out the new Vans Vault line and getting a sneak peek at some stuff that will be on sale next week...I make my choices. What would help cure this ailing man's sickness...How about some Vans Mountain Edition Hi's? Instant Motrin, ya'heard me!!! I'll take those and a couple other items...and I'm off! Back to B'more I go...newly rejuvenated!!!

My New Addiction...No it's not white woman!!!

I shouldn't say new. I've been wearing Vans for a couple years now. Got into them around the same time I started buying SBs. Always liked the classic look. Plus they were cool to wear to clubs and stuff. You didn't mind just fuckin' them up!!! They were comfy and easily replaceable.
Then that dumb ass song by The Pack came out and BOOOOM!!! Every Tom, Dick, Harry, Raheem, Mary, K-Ci, and Jojo started wearing Vans. Wow... I stopped wearing them for a bit. But thankfully that craze came and went just as quick as that song. Now I find myself captivated by Vans and the many collaborations and designs that they release. Dope stuff from the syndicate and vault line. And who doesn't think the W-tap colabs are hot! Plus Vans just look more casual for me. I'm starting to get up there in age...(30 plus = over the hill) so I need more of a conservative looking sneaker. Vans are doing it for me right now!!!

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

And There It Is...

Alright...I think I can get use to this "blog" thing.'s still raining outside. Oh well...time to do what I do best. After all...I still haven't obtained those Vans x Supreme x Neighborhood Chukkas I wanted. And there's nothing better than shopping online...when the wifey ain't around to complain!!! I come, ya'heard me!!!

Recent Pick-ups...

Like I stated a year full of Nike Airs with nasty colorways, ugly faces on the side, stupid packs, boring regional releases.........must I go on!!! 2007 was the worst year of Nike Airs in a long time. Nike simply bombarded us with an endless supply of crappy airs ....that set the shoe back about 3 decades!!! Still there were a few...key word few...gems. Probably the best Nike air released was designed by a cat that knows something about the shoe, Bobbito Garcia. Not only did he design a couple of nice lows...but he was also the man behind the resurrection of the hi-top air. To make a long story short...the Nike air hi-top Bobbitos (red & blue) were just refreshing. Nike Air of the year...hands down. Nice basic colorway....gum sole...patent check!!! Piff!!! An old school shoe with old school appeal...done right in this era! Who needs a 17 colorways Sir Charles Barkley pack that consist of 16 bullshit airs!!! Nike learn from this...PLEASE!!!
Also...take note ladies & gentlemen. Hi-top airs should be worn unstrapped...ankles unchoked. Hang those straps to the rear & rock those Bobbitos right, ya'heard me!!!!

Spotlight a shoe #1

Had to dig for these...since I haven't worn them in 3 years. Nike SB has dropped some heat since these were originally released. Hell...Nike SB has dropped alot of garbage too! Still these babies are my favorite pair of dunks to date.....Nike dunk SB (Jedi)...Piff!!!!

The shoe is just awesome to me. Nice earth-tone colorway. Great materials. And the laces....just EYE CATCHING!!! I still remember the first time I went to Mondawmin Mall with these things on. I got more stares than I could count....and quite a few compliments. This from people who didn't wear dunks and knew nothing about SBs. One of my fam threw his Downtown LockerRoom bag at me...(newly bought sneakers inside and all). Whattup, Fleet? If only Nike SB would stop with the gimics and go back to innovative and nice colorways...oh well!


Anybody that calls themselves a sneakerhead or just a sneaker buyer...has to have an arsenal of Jays. Jordans!!! The biggest star in the history of basketball. And what could turn more heads, break more necks, or get you robbed...quicker than a fresh pair of Jordans!!! From the 1st model on...there was something about the shoe that made you have to have it. Mike destroying fools on the court didn't hurt either. Like sooo many other shoes I owned back in the days...I bought Jays, and threw them out when I could no longer fit them. Damn...If only I held onto those older pairs! Today...I have a nice rotation...all store bought. Ya boy Piff don't do the bootleg all!!! My favorites remain the 11s and the 3s. Yes...All stored away nice and tight in the metal vault! Still every pair has been worn at least once...except for my favorite shoe...concords. Just can't bring myself to wear them. I need to find another pair.

Nike Airs...

Since I was raised in B'more...Nike air force ones...or "airs" like we called em' were a necessity. You had to keep a fresh pair on the feet. And unlike popular belief...B'more made the shoe famous. See...we never stopped wearing airs, ya'heard me. Flat!!!

My first pair were some royal blue lows with the white check...stunning! Right now I got quite a few pairs of airs. Had to give them a break thou, as far as buying them...due to Nike bastardizing the shoe last year. 25th anniversary?! How's about 2500 pair of wack ass airs...and maybe 8 good colorways...tops. SMH!!!!


Yeah...I call it inventory...cause my rooms upstairs resemble a store room. Oh well...Which brand do I prefer? The first pair of name-brand sneakers bought for me were Nikes.'s has always been my original preference. Nikes just outshined every other brand when I was growing up. I would refuse to wear anything else...and I damn sure wasn't buying anything else. Flatout!!! One of my favorite Nike models was...the Dunk. They were nice and "classic"...and they were cheap to acquire. I used to go to Footaction and Footlocker and scoop up all the sale joints. $40...$30...dunks were the shit to me. Having been down with Niketalk since around 2000...I always kept myself informed of the "hot-shit". Around 2003-04 the end-all thing was Sbs. Nike dunks with extra padding cause they were made for skateboarding. They were also made in sick colorways and were hard to get at the time. SBs were only sold in Skateboard shops. I was like...I need some of those!!! But I lived in west Baltimore...Where the hell is a skateboard shop?!! After some research...I found out about Select skateboards...the only spot in B'more that had a SB account. Key word...had. Select had just went out of business in like late 2004. AAAARGH!!!

Determination is key thou, ya'heard me! After some more research...I discovered Pitcrew in Frederick, Md and Elite in Va. About 40 minutes to an hour drive to get to both...but I had to have my drug of choice...Sbs. Let's just say...for about 3 years, myself and Nike SBs were close friends!!!

How it all started....

Yes...It's about that time. Sitting at home because of this beautiful Md weather...(Rain all day)...I figured, why not try my hand at this Blog thing. Bunch of stuff on my where do I start?
I know...Why not talk about my addiction. Women...Naww that could get me in trouble. Naw...Let's talk about sneakers!!! Well...I've been fascinated with kicks since I was too young to buy my own. Being spoiled...Moms used to hook me up. Had OG Jordan 1s (black/red) back when they originally dropped. Wish I didn't outgrow and throw them away. SMH!!! Once I made it to high school and got my first job...there was noooo stopping me. Nikes all day...trying to impress the ladies. Fresh sneakers just seem to compliment your attire...and you know what they say...a girl looks down to check ya' feet before she even talks to you. And rejection ain't never sit to well with me, ya'heard me!!!
Once I turned 21 and my feet stopped growing...I noticed I had accumilated a bunch of kicks. Not knowing any better...I started giving certain ones away to relatives. (Dummy move)...I figured I just had tooo many pairs. Kinda regret that now thou, I gave away a lot of jewels...Nike air force yellow- jewels come to mind. SMH again!!! Now I got a couple hundred pairs...I dare not count em' all...I might check myself in the crazy house if I do!!! lol