Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Something new out of Japan I found interesting, Japanese footwear brand Terrem has released the namesake Terrem boot. Sparked by creative director 8M, whose known for some big time past collaborations, The Terram model features a chukka-boot look with external heel cup and a white horizontal stripe at the beginning of the toebox.

Pics courtesy of eproze.

If your in the mood for some new over-seas flavor, Terrem could be just for you.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Nice & Simple...

Hiroshi Fujiwara and Fragment Design recently collaborated with Nike on the Tennis Classic. Simplicity has defined Fragment Design's approach to all things, so why would the Tennis Classic be any different. Using solid suede colorways marked by a perforated Swoosh, each shoe is accented by the Fragment Design logo along the heel. The insole also features Zoom Air for additional comfort similiar to the Nike Classic SB.

Pics courtesy of Nort Berlin

Set for release this October 11th at Nort Berlin, a full release to Tier 0 Nike retailers is also expected. These are worth looking out for.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008


It' very rair that I miss out on a pair of sneakers that I really want. When these dropped I had already committed to a few other releases, and I didn't want to spend that extra $330 after tax.

Huge Props to SHOE CITY & my homie Tigga Tigga for putting me down...


Yesterday was indeed...a very good day.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Never Too Much Cement?!

Jordan Brand attempts to tackle the skate market using the classic Air Jordan I to produce the Air Jordan I Low Phat. The shoe's remains basically un-altered except for increased padding which is neccessary for skating. Capitalizing on the immense popularity of the Air Jordan III, the Black/Cement colorway has been used to death lately. But why stop when it's such an hit. Set to release on September 27th, look out for a White/Cement colorway to drop shortly afterwards.

Pics courtesy of Sneaker News

I got mixed feelings about this release. I dig the cement colorway as much as anybody...but are these really necessary? I guess I'll wait to see them on foot before I pass judgement.

Monday, September 22, 2008

The Low Down...

Questions And Answers, with Romeo....

1) What did you think of Paul Pierce proclaiming himself the best player in the NBA with guys like Kobe, Lebron, and D Wade playing? (Jeff Jones - Boston, Ma)

Jeff I thought that was about some pure un-adultarated bullshit. I guess Paul gets his stuff (crack) from the same place Jessie Jackson and Marion Berry get their's. He is not even the best player on his team. Garnett has that honor. Casper the friendly ghost aka Vladimir Radmanovic made him look like he was unstoppable and now all of sudden he wants to talk like he's a tuff guy and throw up gang signs. He didn't even get invited to the Olympic Try-outs, but Tayshawn Prince did. Best player in the league?! Yeah right. Jeff....Eat a dickup for asking me that question.

2) When is Memphis Bleek coming out with some new shit? I miss him greatly and I really think his skills are being slept on! (Momma Bleek from The Roc)

Are you fucking serious?! Bitch please.

3) I heard Don Cornelius doesn't host Soul Train anymore. What do you think about Steve Harvey hosting it or Sinbad? (J.J. - Detroit,Michigan)

I think you need to get a fucking life and stop watching TV so much. I didn't even know that shit still came on. God invented something called a woman. Go get yourself one.

4) My man recently said he wanted to have a threesome, but with another guy involved. I like making him happy and I will do anything to satisfy him. What do you really think about his request? (Lisa Lincoln - Broke Back, California)

Looka' here Lisa, Tell your Bitch....I mean man, that he is outta his goddamn mind. Tell him to stop looking at Adebezie's ass on OZ and check out Buffie in King Magazine. No man wants to see another man's balls let alone banging his girl. Either he is a pimp or gimp. Drop his Bitchazz.

5) I watched Will Smith's latest movie Hancock and I was dissapointed. How could Will make a flop like this? Doesn't he realized how he's damaging his career by doing movies like this? (Jamie Fox - Washington, D.C.)

Will Smith makes about 25 million a film. He don't give a fuck about what you think. I don't give a fuck about what you think. Do you hold your head real high when you cash that minimum wage check of yours. I guess in some countries wearing a costume and asking, "Do you want that meal king sized?", is the greatest thing going. But this is America! Only in America does a man with millions, good looks, a fine woman, and everything you could ask for be criticized for making even more money by broke ass motherfuckers like you. I hoped I answered your question. Have a good one.

6) I'm 73 years old and I think today's women are allowed to get away with too much. In my day, a woman knew her place. How do you feel about this issue? (Grady Sanford - Roanoke,Va)

First of all I like my freedom like most men I know. Last time I checked putting your hands on a woman got you time and I 'm no fan of the anal rape. Besides we have something called the Bill of Rights and women should be treated as equals. I know some guys treat their pets better, but women deserve the same respect we do. Next time your out with a women, hold the door open for her, compliment her, offer to take her somewhere nice, then tell her to break you off.

I'm out like Tom Brady in New England.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Party Pics...

Sorry I'm a lil' late with the pics...but here they go. Commonwealth DC Vs. Shop Gentei party Part 2...This time in B'More. The Red Maple was the place...and it was Live...

I don't know bout ya'll...but when's part 3?!

For the complete photo gallery, follow the link...

Brad Piff's Myspace

Taka Hayashi 2...

The much anticipated second collaboration with Vans & artist/skater Taka Hayashi, has finally been released. The Vans x Taka Hayashi Pack 2, consists of a Vans No Skool Mid Vulc, Vans Ownes Hi Vulc and Vans Rowley Shambles Hi. I haven't been this impressed with a pack in a minute.... The amount of details on each sneaker is mind-blowing, astonishing, & simply breathtaking. NO I AM NOT GOING OVERBOARD ON THIS.... Premium materials have been used, including leathers, pony hair, along with a vast amount of embroidery, printed graphics and tags. To top things off, the Vans logo on each shoe's heel has been replaced by a signature "Destroy" logo.

Pics courtesy of Caliroots

The good thing is...even though the sneakers are loaded with details, the choice of color was kept minimal (black & Brown) giving the pack an overall simple look. The bad thing is...expect premium prices on this pack, with prices ranging from $119 - $139 each. If you can afford it...don't miss out on this stunning Vans release.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Wacko...It is...

First off...let me tell you I am an avid fan of military inspired jackets...having already owned several. When done right, it's a timeless fashion statement. Saying that...this immediately caught my attention.

Japanese brand Wacko Maria converts their wacky concepts into a solid effort, re-interpreting the popular M-65 jacket silhouette. With a sleek design, the military jacket features include patches on each arm sleeve, WMGP stamp in the front and “I Love Girls” theme on the rear. One particular detail that I'm diggin' is the draw-string base of the jacket...simply piff.

Pics courtesy of ARK.

Slam It Down...

Italian sneaker/streetwear retailer Slam Jam is set to release its 2nd collaboration with Nike wth the release of their “Optical Force” Air Force 1. Putting an emphasis on simplicity, two colorways are featured (yellow and black). Premium materials such as a wrinkled patent upper & full leather midsole were used. Adding an extra effect, eash shoe has an embossed SlamJam logo on the heel tab.

Available on Saturday, September 20th at Slam Jam...those searching for a tastefully done Air force 1 now have something to look forward to.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Pros & Cons...

The Converse 100th century project takes on a couple of old school models for their September releases. Within the lineup, the 70’s original One Star Hi gets both a black/white full leather colorway while keeping its classic appearance. The Poorman Hi features a pure new school re-incarnation with military boot inspiration, also done in a nice black/white color scheme.

Pics courtesy of Overkill Shop

Oversees spots have already started to receive their shipments. So if your a Converse fan like myself, be on the lookout for these hitting the states.