Saturday, September 11, 2010

All Praises Due...

See this symbol?

For over 20 years, that shit represented greatness. Staight from strong island....The greatest HIP HOP voice ever. The greatest hype-man ever. One of the greatest HIP HOP DJs ever. The greatest HIP HOP group ever.


If someone ever decides to form a TOP Mc's list...Chuck D better not be included. Because Chuck D is greater than that shit, he is beyond that shit. The man is the single greatest author in HIP HOP history...period! And I'm proud to say I was a youngin' when PE hit the scene. I witnessed them at their apex. Their albums were so dope, it puts this recent shit to shame. YO' Bum Rush The Show. Fear Of A Black Planet. Apocalypse 91... The Enemy Strikes Black.

And since I'm handing out greatness...the greatest HIP HOP album ever (just edging out Wu-Tang Clan's Enter The Wu...36th Chambers). It Takes A Nation Of Millions To Hold Us Back.

The entire album was amazing but check the standout cuts....Bring The Noise, Don't Believe The Hype, Land Of The Living Baseheads, Black Steel In The Hour Of Chaos, & the DOPEST HIP HOP track ever....Rebel Without A Pause. I mean...The track was so hard that upon hearing the finished product for the first time, these were Chuck D's words....

"I could die tomorrow. Because that record right there? Nothing could fucking go nowhere near it!"

You find me one damn HIP HOP album with 5 cuts doper than that...& I'll call you a Got' Damn Liar.

Public Enemy issues a salute to soul with their new video "Say It Like It Really Is". I'm not even gonna front...This vid brought a tear to my eyes. Chuck D's POWERFUL cadence & dope delivery (at the age of 50), the pics of soooo many great political & musical pioneers, That DOPE ASS CHORUS?!

Like I said, all praises due....

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