Sunday, July 13, 2008


Whattup, It's the one & only KickChick here to talk about those Jordans.

The next Jordan Brand Countdown package to drop later on this week 7/19 (on my birthday), is the IV/IXX. And you know I have to get these. You may ask why? Are you serious, The Bred IV!!!
First of all, this is an OG colorway of one of the most popular model of Jays. To a lot of people, the Bred IV is the best looking Jay period. Also for me, It's a colorway that I have never owned. I kinda wish my white/green pair was in better shape, but that's another story. As usual there's a bunch of people out there complaining about the quality of these new IVs, talking about the shape is off & stuff. I say GET A DAMN LIFE! Who the fuck has that much time in the day to analyze all that shit. Buy the shoe or don't buy it, but stop all that damn complaining, people!!! You can always go spend about $200 more on a 99' retro Bred IV. I just hope it doesn't crack on you with that first step. For all those undecided, check out the pics.

Those IVs will look so good on my lil' feet. Oh, the pack does include the Jordan IXX in an OG colorway. But I don't like the IXX, So why even talk about them?

Stay tuned for more pics when I have this package in my possession.


Romeo Igromo said...

Good points made. well and my boy piff argue about the place off the lv's. FOR MY MONEY IT'S THE 11'S ,13'S AND THEN EVERYTHING ELSE. THERE IS NO SWEETER SHOE THAN A FRESH PAIR OF CONCORDS. I'm out like Team Jordans.

arcieri keness said...

Honestly, these a lot of hype around these which is kind of a turn off. People really don't even mention the history behind the shoe, that's what really makes people such as myself want 'em. I know a million young adults can relate to seeing Jordan play in these and thinking if you had a pair you could do the same. lol

I feel like you can't own everything, and no matter how ill a sneaker is... if you have no style it doesn't matter how exclusive/classic a sneaker is. Therefore, it pays to be selective and it helps you not spend unnecessary funds.

The only Jordan's I'm looking forward to is the concords as my man above me stated and...

cement III's
red/blk I's
and I'd love to own a pir of infrared VI's

(only OG colorways)

Brad Piff said...

The only Jays that matter to me are...1-5 (luv all the Mars Blackmon era Jordans), 8 (B'more got luv for Bugs), & 11 (the best shoe ever made).

I got a few other models...but those mentioned are special to me.

This will be my first package purchased...strictly because of the Black/grey IVs. Classic!!!