Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Arod, Mike, Shaq, Kobe, Straham, famous athlete's in general.......

Why do you guys get married at the height of your career when you already have it all. You have everything that anyone can ever want, yet you don't seem to appreciate it. MONEY, CARS, HOMES, WOMEN, MONEY, FAME, POWER, WOMEN, MONEY. Did miss something? That's right, MONEY & WOMEN!
Can I ask you guys a question? Was the ass "that good" and can I get some? I know it's easy for me to say, but no ass is good enough to make me say "I DO and by the way, you can have half of my fortune for allowing me to bust you without a condom". What do you guys get out of the relationship? A live in Surrogate Mother and a permanent sex partner. It ain't worth it.

After a while you get tired of the bitching and complaining and just like us regular dudes you want to move on. The sex isn't even great anymore. After you said "I do", I bet you she just layed there and you did all the work. No more slob jobs either just half ass efforts that made YOU WANT TO CHOKE A BITCH!!! You guys step out on your wifes for the same reason you excell as winners. A) You don't settle, because you don't have too. B) You are always trying to improve your game, and you want to be the best. C) You guys can have a different women every night, dime pieces at that. Yet you want to live like the COSBY'S?!
Kobe is the only one still married, because he realizes how much he's in love with his money, not his wife. I bet you MIKE, SHAQ, and AROD WILL NEVER GET MARRIED AGAIN. A WORD TO THE WISE FOR ROSE and BEASLEY {TAKEN 1 AND 2 IN THE NBA DRAFT}: DON'T FEED THAT HOE THE CHEDDAR BISCUITS. DON'T DO IT. DON'T DO IT.

In a side note. I haven't forgotten how NIKE fucked up the AIR FORCE I GAME. They mean as much to Baltimore now as a goddam pair of Reebok Classics.


√W² Marketing Group said...

"Ima learns you, Ima learns you"
get em know while you still have debt.. but even thats not a lock in.. BACHELORHOOD FOREVERRRR!!!!!

Brad Piff said...

The game is set for females to come up.

That being said...I'm Jamie Fox'n them broads if I ever get killer money.

Str8 Bouncin' on em'...y'hurd me?!