Monday, July 14, 2008


Who out there doesn't know Nike owns Converse?

So this should come as no surprise. Converse is jumping into the skateboarding scene. Launching Converse Skateboarding later this year, you can expect to see some classic models revamped solely for kick-flipping. Check out the sneak peek of these Converse Skate: Chuck Lows, featuring perforated leather & a black toe cap.

Another instant cop for me. These sneakers along with others will be available during the Holiday Season.


arcieri keness said...

Those are ugly... bad idea converse.


I think I'm gonna have to just stick w/ the converse I have if Nike plans to hype this sneaker up.

Brad Piff said...

I disagree...What's ugly about a leather Chuck? Plus the black toe-cap gives it that "Fragment" look.

I'm really digging these!

arcieri keness said...

It would've been better if it were a high. All the detail put into it is done well, but it's too much on a low... looks cluttered.


I have a few pair like it but a tad bit cleaner. I wish NIKE knew when to ease up sometimes.

Brad Piff said...

They probably will come out with a hi-top version. It just make sense. So you might get your wish.

I'd buy both, thou. lol