Friday, July 11, 2008


Here's the LowDown...

Let me start off by saying Football is excluded from the conversation for many different reasons. Even if kids could turn pro out of highschool they are still not physically ready for the pros. But what is the difference between swinging at a ball with a bat, golfclub, or racket. Obviously you and I don't know, but the NCAA and A PIMP NAME SLICK BACK, I mean DAVID STERN knows. There is a rule that states athletes not student athlete's (LET'S CALL A SPADE A SPADE) must attend college for at least one year before they get to shake A PIMP NAMED STERN 's hand on draft night. I can go to Iraq straight out of highschool and kill for a living, but I can't break Queen James ankles in the Garden?! What am I missing? They can talk all they want about the quality of the game and today's athlete lacking fundamentals. I blame Air Jordan, David Stearn, NBA Gm's, and ESPN for the state of today's game. Don't even get me started on that. The NCAA, probably with green backs, convinced A PIMP NAMED STERN that a sport dominated by black athlete's needed to be pimp slapped and put back into it's place.

I watched ESPN the other day and they have 16 year olds playing golf. Major league Baseball teams sign players right out the womb. My 10 year old daughter is a couple years away from trading groundstrokes with the Williams sisters and doing commercials for Nike. Even European players don't have to go to college before turning pro. The thought is that they are protecting the players. But seniors don't go number 1 in the draft, freshman do. If I attend college for four years and I am not Tim Duncan, I obviously must have flaws for not turning pro. We don't reward, we penalize players for staying too long. This rule is in place to protect the college game and enhance ratings for the Final Four. I'm talking about a system that tells me Kwame Brown deserves to be drafted #1, meanwhile Carlos Boozer goes undrafted until late in the second round. Who is playing who?

A PIMP NAMED STERN makes rules up as he goes along, like what a player should look like on his way from the arena to his house. What kind of pimp shit is that?! Do you dress up to pick up the newspaper from your front lawn? Does your boss at work tell you what to wear to bed? A PIMP NAME STERN never hesistates to lay his pimp hand on his bitches whenever they do something he doesn't approve of. Garnett said, I don't want to go to Boston. A PIMP NAME STERN said, Shut the fuck up Bitch...Your going! Garnett packed his bags and immediately pledged his love for Cousy,Russell, Bird and Celtic Nation. No disrespect but I have never met a "black" Boston Celtic fan. Even Paul Pierce who wears Celtic green because they drafted him grew up a Lakers fan. Mark Cuban says something disrespectful about the NBA officials. A PIMP NAME STERN replies, Shut up Bitch! Where is my money?! $100,000 fine later, Cuban is put in a Bitch's place. Hopefully you understand my argument. This is all about money and control over Black athlete's. You don't see anybody complaining about white guys entering the NHL out of highschool and the fact you can only watch their games on youtube. Just some random thoughts I needed to get out.

I'm out like Andy Roddick in the first round.


arcieri keness said...

SMH (shakes my head)

Kind of like how NBA players have to wear suits after a game that's gay. You just played a long game and now you want me to wear a suit. wth

Second, what if my family really needs me to go pro because we're poor? Oh! What's that Mr. Pimp, I have to at least do one year of college, eh?

Third. Why do they always have to shake that dickhead Sterns hand and take a photo... I might not like you. Plus he's nothing special... some non-athletic white dude w/ a dick, I mean a mic in his hand.

All these rules, dude... so gay.

Brad Piff said...

Such good points, bro Arcieri. The NBA is sooo sad right now, one step away from the WWE.

Stern is orchestrating everything...If he could get away with it, he would probably start fining cats for getting tats.

He made sure "white" title town became prominent again... smh

Maada said...

good point ak. summed it up. now i cant add on..ha aww the metaphors!!!

but yea stern sucks.